With the galloping advancement of science and technology, researchers have confirmed that this century will witness greater life expectancy as compared to its predecessors. An important takeaway from this claim that can be implemented in the future is that the medical world is striving to reach out to more and more patients with each passing year and developing definite formulas that will rule out the scope of mass suffering. But, with the extension of such innovations, the yearly costs accompanying resort to prescribed medicines is increasing at a similar pace; for the senior citizens especially, covering all their medical charges in due time can impose infinite challenges.

Several private insurance companies in the market are looking forward to generating Medicare plans in 2020. The needs and expectations that a person has from his Medicare plans operator vary from one to another; moreover, the budget too, differs. This is the reason why the companies include variable plans under their hood to ensure that every person, after his requirement, at least eliminates the stress of expenditure that is inevitable during old age. Some of the most common Medicare advantage plans for 2020 are:

o Humana Medicare Advantage Plans (NYSE: HUM)

Their Advantage plans include all the medical sectors under a single roof; starting from the basic ones to the grand plans that cover all the charges along with that of visits to the doctor, vaccination and medicines, these advantages plans take care of it all. The plans can be accessed after the benefactor registers his name under the group that wants to go to; whether the company's network facility or the network apart from their healthcare network.

o Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plans (NYSE: KGHI)

From keeping up with the basic medical needs of a senior, Kaiser Medicare Part D provides for the annual checkups, prescription drugs and even some of the items such as hearing and breathing aids, spectacles, etc. This company increases the cost of their medical plans once every year, but if a senior has already subscribed to their plan, the coverage will be locked to their initial numbers, but the advantages will still grow.

o United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 (NYSE: UNH)

United Healthcare Medicare has a plan for everybody irrespective of their budget and medical requirements. Their schemes are available in two distinct versions that are HMO and PRO; the HMO covers all the charges that come along with the conventional medical network, while the PRO is useful when there are extra expenses outside this network. Depending upon their budget, the user can take a course to any of these plans.

o BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 (NYSE: ANTM)

BCBS is commonly known for its flexible budget plans and warm customer care. This company’s HMO and PRO can have “Part D” in their title, the presence of which signifies whether or not your plan will include the coverage for the prescription drugs.

o Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 (NYSE: AET)

Like the preceding companies mentioned in the list, Aetna too, offers the HMO and PRO plans that decide whether a person will seek assistance inside or outside the medical network. Their advantage plans are attached to a lot of incentives that can be capitalized by the senior citizens annually and each of these schemes is certified for use up to one whole year.

o Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Plans 2020

Mutual of Omaha is mainly known for two reasons- their swift customer service and the advantage of choosing various other insurance plans apart from healthcare. This company has its plans divided into two definite sections of HMO and PRO thus allowing the consumer to choose a convenient option. However, coming to the array of their services, they are not as diverse as their competitors.

Benefits of subscribing to Medicare Plans 2020

• Coverage can be stretched over to other plans or reduced under one plan
• Some plans come with $0 premium costs and grant co-ordinated care
• Diverse options, therefore, there is the privilege of customizing a plan
• Huge savings on overall medical bills

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