Maharashtra scholarship exam is approaching fast, and this is all you need to know about Maharashtra Scholarship exam.

Awarding scholarships is a morale-boosting push for any student in their journey of education. It helps for their career and profession.

An acknowledgment of students’ efforts act as positive reinforcement and encourage them to perform more and step up the educational and career ladder with enthusiasm. It helps them financially too.

In accordance, the state and central government tailor the scholarships for different levels and sects of students by conducting exams at varied levels.

The exams are meant to kindle the spirit of the students to gain confidence and achieve better results. Maharashtra scholarship exam is one of the significant exams that encourage young students to get inclined towards academic excellence.

Every year the Maharashtra State Council of Examinations, Pune conducts this competitive exam and awards scholarship for the students depending on their performance. The scholarship exam is exclusive for the class 5th ( Pre Upper Primary Scholarship Exam) and 8th (Pre Secondary Scholarship Exam) students.

This state-level exam searches the academic talent and motivates the students by providing financial support. Lakhs of students attend this exam and Maharashtra State Council of Examinations (MSCE) provides the Scholarship to large numbers of candidates/ students every year.

The scholarship exam helps the Maharashtra students studying in 5th and 8th standard prepare for ongoing academic exams, enhance the mathematical, Intelligence, and language skills, and boost confidence to attend competitive exams in future.

The scholarship tenure is of three years and may continue depending on the academic progress of the select candidate.

The Maharashtra scholarship exam is exclusive for Maharashtra residents staying for 15 years.

That is, the student must have domicile certificate of Maharashtra. The students studying in Government schools, private schools, aided or unaided, granted or not granted are eligible for the scholarship scheme.

Objective of Maharashtra Scholarship Exam:

The primary objective of conducting the exam is to create enthusiasm, and competitive spirit in the minds of young students. The Government intends to extend monetary benefits for the students as a token of appreciation and inspiration.

Inculcate healthy competition in the minds of students.
Develop objective assessment skills in students
Enhancing logical and quantitative thinking skills
Education through competition
Enhance the participation level of students.

The scholarship exam for the academic year 2018-19 for 5th and 8th standard students is scheduled for 18th February 2019. The exam duration will be of 90 minutes and conducted in two sessions – morning and noon.

The exam comprises three papers namely, first and third language, Intelligence test, and Mathematics, conducted in both Marathi and English medium.

The students must attend 75 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in each session which carries 150 marks. In total, the students must attend 150 questions for 300 marks. The level of questions also varies such as easy, medium, and difficult.

Moreover, the students have the choice to write the exam in their preferred languages such as

Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, English, Urdu, and Sindhi.

Regarding the syllabus, marks scheme, question pattern, results, and exam related queries, you can visit the official government website here.


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