Oral Health Care plays an important part in our life as it is considered as a window to the health of our body touching every aspect of our lives. Generally, people see the dentist only if there is severe toothache or cavities appear otherwise it is taken for granted.

The fact is regular visits to the dentist can give a great contribution to good oral health for a lifetime. Dr. Kothari at Invisindia – Invisible Braces is the best dental clinic in Mumbai to get rid of all the dental issues.

Importance of oral health


Good oral care doesn’t mean just brushing once in a day. There are multiple factors involved as it is to be used for a lifetime and hence necessary to know why is it important to take care of oral health.

Cavities are the most painful places on the teeth wherein the decaying has eaten through the enamel exposing the root. Hot or cold foodstuffs and liquids when taken can cause more pain.

Cavities do not have any symptoms unless you see a dentist and it is always advisable to get treated in the earlier stages rather than the advanced stage. This is the most common problem faced by everyone irrespective of age as people avoid visiting the dentist for the cavities until it is deep.

Modern technology has made it much easier today as visiting the dentist on time makes can save the teeth and mild pain can be felt of filing a cavity instead of replacing it at the advanced stages causing severe pain.


Gum disease is the result of poor oral health which is mild in the initial stages but can get worse if remains untreated. Gum or periodontal disease may lead to loss of teeth infections and other complications.

Periodontal disease can lead to other health problems such as heart complications, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory issues. Hence good care of gums and teeth is mandatory with a regular visit to the dentist.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis is a very embarrassing problem that can cause anxiety at times to the patient. The reasons for bad breath can be the formation of bacteria in the mouth that causes inflammation giving off bad odors.

Certain food, health conditions, and habits can also be considered as a reason for bad breath. Surgical wounds, tooth decay, gum disease, or mouth sores can also lead to bad breath and the best way to get rid of this problem is proper dental hygiene through self-care and if the problem persists it is necessary to get it to check by the dentist as it can be a sign of some serious infection or diseases.

Jaw Problems

Jaw problems can be a worse condition that affects the ability to speak and eat. Jaw pain can be caused due to sinuse, ears, and teeth itself and the reason for it can be an abnormality or an injury to the jaw.

Damage to the jaw can also be caused by the grinding of the teeth at night, involuntarily clenching the jaw because of stress or anxiety, getting hit to the face because of sports activity.

It becomes necessary to visit a dentist and opt for non- invasive methods and if the pain persists dentist will make a mouthguard that will help in stopping the grinding of the teeth. Muscle relaxers as prescribed by the dentist will help to release jaw tension. Jaw surgery may also be required for some people with severe pain because of structural problems in the jaw joint.

Ways to care for oral health

Dental care is a necessity like any other part of our body and negligence towards it may lead to some serious infection or disease. Below mentioned are some of the dental health tips to followed by everyone.

1. Brushing the teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste with a soft-bristled brush.

2. Daily flossing.

3. Use of mouthwash to remove food particles left after brushing and flossing.

4. A healthy diet with no or less added sugars.

5. Replacing the toothbrush every three months or sooner if the bristles are worn.

6. Regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Visiting a dentist/orthodontist regularly is very much necessary to get rid of any serious infection or diseases in the initial stages as oral problems may lead to some serious problems and lower the body’s resistance to infection making it more severe.

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