Do you want to settle down in the United Kingdom and become its citizen? You should definitely apply for the visa. As you all know that without the visa you cannot be able to travel to an overseas country. A visa serves as an entry pass to get inside the country. There are different terms and conditions available and one must meet all those things to apply for the visa and become eligible. If you want to make your visa application process easier and simple, you should consider hiring the visa agency.
The agency is aware of the terms and conditions, so they can assist you in every step to get you the visa. If you are an immigrant wants to permanently reside in the United Kingdom, then you must apply for the ILR Visa UK. No one can better keep you informed about the immigration process than the immigration consultancy or visa agency. The visa agency is the right service to advice and guides you in the right direction to get done everything related to immigration in a fine manner.
The ILR Visa is nothing but the indefinite leave to remain visa. It is also called as permanent residency visa. A person who has granted the ILR visa can stay in the United Kingdom without any time limit. He or she is free to take up any work or study. However, a person with an ILR visa does not mean that they can do anything that is against the UK rules and laws.
If the UK government has found that you are breaching the laws and regulations, your visa will be immediately terminated even though you have an ILR visa UK. To be on the safer side, you should ask the dos and don’ts before applying the visa so that you can follow the rules correctly and as recommended. This is why you are asked to hire the visa agency for getting the visa.
Can You Apply for ILR After Five Years?
The time requirement to be eligible for the ILR visa varies depending on your circumstances. The minimum time requirement of 5 years are applicable if you are living in the UK under these visas:
• Spouse Visa
• Tier 2 Visa
• UK Ancestry Visa
• Fiance or unmarried partner Visa
Family Visa
• Tier 1 Investor Visa
Under certain circumstances, you could be eligible for ILR visa with less than five years of residence in the UK, which include:
• A Commonwealth citizen who has served in the British Armed Forces can apply for the ILR visa after a qualifying period of four years in the UK
• If you have been a resident in the UK under a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa, you can be eligible to apply for the ILR visa after three years of living in the UK.
• Usually, a dependent child or adult of a permanent resident UK citizen or someone with settled status will not need to fulfil any time requirements to receive settled status in the UK.

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If you are an immigrant wants to permanently reside in the United Kingdom, then you must apply for the ILR Visa UK.