Any business organisation consists of a variety of integrated components. As an organisation manager, you may be wondering what the most valuable component in your organisation is. Maybe the first thing that comes to your mind is the investment capital or the offices’ equipment. But despite the great significance of these elements, the human component comes on top of them. When your organisation possesses highly qualified and top-skilled employees, your business can reach a whole new level. This is where human capital acquisition can step in. So, what is human capital? And why is it important to acquire it? Many important details in that subject can be explained in this article.

Definition of human capital
The term "human capital" means the economic value of any employee, which results from their qualifications and experience. This value also includes practical training, capabilities, knowledge, overall wellness, and commitment. Paying attention to human capital indicates your acknowledgement of your staff’s role and contribution to your business success and growth.

The importance of human capital for your organisation
It is important to realise that physical assets such as equipment and funds as well as intangible ones such as human capital are of high importance to your organization. Just as you would spend money on improving your equipment and enhancing the efficiency of your machines, you need to invest in human capital as well. So, when you pay to improve your staff’s qualifications or overall wellbeing, you will have a value in return. These are not useless expenses, as they can be a form of investment in your human capital.

Acquiring or acquisition of human capital is now a top priority for anyone leading a successful business or even HR managers. Simply because the human element is the one taking care of representing the organisation and selling its products to the target market.

Reasons to focus more on improving human capital
There are a plenty of reasons that make improving your company’s human capital of utmost importance.

Human mind
Human capital has what all the other components of your business have; the human brain. There has been some belief that advanced machines can replace humans in running different businesses. But this belief can’t really become a reality, as machines lack the mental capacity to act differently according to the nature of the situation they are in. So, human presence is always important to programme and adjust these machines, no matter how expensive or modern they are. To guarantee the best performance of your machines, you need efficient human employees first.

Bigger profits
Another important reason for working on human capital acquisition is its link to generating bigger profits. A highly qualified worker with strong work morals can fulfil their occupational role efficiently and without delays. And at the end of the day, you will want an office full of those to increase productivity, sales, and profits.
When a company considers its work force a part of its capital rather than an expense, It will lead to better investment in this capital, which eventually benefits the greater good of this organization.

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The term "human capital" means the economic value of any employee, which results from their qualifications and experience.