There are different kinds of engraved plaques for any budget and occasion. They come in different material and size choices. You can choose either laser metal, solid wood or glass. Every plaque can be customized with your logo and text. You can upload your desired information to a skilled, experienced graphic designer to make a proof. Also, the designer can use their unique online tools to design your plaque.

Design options for personalized engraved plaques

Luckily, you can have a custom plaque depending on what you prefer. Designers aim at creating attractive, personalized plaques that you will feel honored to display and receive. Mostly, plaques are customized with logo, award text and department’s or person’s name. On the other hand, your plaque can be printed in 4 colors depending on whether you want to showcase a newspaper article, photo, certificate or vibrant logo. Actually, the plaque can come in 3-dimensions just like medallions.

Corporate uses of personalized engraved plaques

Organizations and other companies use personalized sales awards and plaques to rewards or motivate groups and individuals. They use to:

• Encourage teamwork by appreciating the goals each team or department achieves

• Boost productivity as a way of recognizing the efforts of employees

• Celebrate the unplanned using fun, vibrant plaques

• Keep hard-working employees – some employees have high chances of staying in a company that values their efforts

• Spur positive competition by mentioning all the most productive groups or individuals

Besides using engraved plaques in companies, they are also used to:

• Celebrate anniversaries
• Acknowledge certain achievement
• Show appreciation
• Rejoice for success
• Show appreciation to volunteers or generous donors
• Recall the past

Is there a difference between etched and engraved plaques?

Etched signs and plaques are made using a method called etching. This method produces a crisp and really clean ending. The lines and details are extremely fine such as the ones for scrollwork and portraits. Alternatively, some people might disagree by stating that etching technique gives fuzzier outcomes than engraved method. Well, there is some truth behind their argument, although the outcome depends on the engraving machine used and the skills of the artisan making these signs and plaques.

Laser machines for engraving do produce really fine engraving work. These machines use computers to guide the production of different designs. As a result, they produce really precise cutting. However, laser machines have their drawbacks because they cannot be used in all materials.

The laser machine for engraving cannot be used in some plastics and metals, for instance. Plastics do produce noxious gas when hit by the laser heat. Hence, it makes the material harmful to use this machine on it. Kevlar is one of the materials that emit harmful cyanide gas when used with a laser machine. If the designer so wishes to still use Kevlar, then they must ensure the working area has secure dispersal of emissions and have proper ventilation.

On the subject of marking methods on metal, etching is most suitable. Using laser engraving machines on metal requires the coated one. Or set it at short wavelength in order for the machine to function properly with usual metals people use to make engraved nameplates or etched plaques. In short, there is a difference but it depend on machine used.

The bottom line

Ordering your personal engraved plaques begins with a free consultation with a reputable designer. Just do your part by coming up with your creative ideas and the designer will have the job done.

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