This article aims at offering the key buying factors of drafting stools and their utility in an office infrastructure.

Standing for long hours due to work related purposes often leads to health problems including back pain. Having said that, it is important for employers to come up with a chair or stool which would allow such employees to sit near the standing desk and find a comfortable workspace. While looking for such an option, drafting stools are just the right thing to resolve this issue.

There are a variety of such stools you can find in different designs, styles, and heights, which are suitable for both home as well as office. Following here is a detailed overview on drafting chairs and its utility in the modern scenario.

What are drafting chairs

A drafting stool/chair is typically designed for people who need to work on the drafting tables for long hours. The very concept behind manufacturing these chairs is to offer comfort to everybody while catering their daily requirements in terms of seating. These chairs can be found attached with a variety of high plush type of seating variations.

What is the ideal height of drafting chairs

Height of the chair is an important consideration to note before making the final choice. Before buying the chairs or stools, you should measure height of the drafting table which, will help you understand the right kind of chairs you should buy. Mid-heightened chairs are the most common type of chairs being used. And you should also look for chairs with the feature of adjustability. Generally, chairs with a height of 20-37 inches are mostly used.

Things to consider while buying drafting chairs

Comfortable seating

One of the first aspects you must keep in mind is comfortable seating. While working in offices, it is obvious that your employees need to sit in the same position for long hours. Hence, you must try to choose the best drafting chair which offers adequate support to the thigh areas and back of the body, while delivering ultimate comfort to the person being seated.

Construction quality

Another factor you should consider is the construction quality and check whether it is durable. Make sure that the stool is attached to the sturdy frame and firm base. Also, you should check whether it has a strong base of heavy-duty nylon form with a metal cylinders and hydraulic lift.

Footrest support

Adequate footrest support is another thing you must consider while buying these kinds of stools. Having a foot ring in drafting chairs helps you to get additional relaxation and comfort while keeping your feet in a relaxing position. Selecting a stool with footrest support would also help you to improve the overall body posture as well.

Final words

Some other significant features to look for seat adjustability, armrest, backrest, all of which are required for offering a relaxed and convenient workspace to your employees. This in turn would ensure of increased employee productivity, thereby benefitting your organisation. As the worthy choice, you can opt for buying drafting stools from any popular online store as there you can get to choose from a variety of options at the best possible pricing rates.

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