Destiny 2 is a very popular game but most of the people be afraid to play the game because it’s kind a hard to accomplish the levels.

So, we've spent the last 24 hours playing the destiny 2 - and while the game is massive, and everyone's characters are going to play a little differently we found a few techniques that are really going to help you in those early hours.

If you're totally new to destiny 2 these tips and tricks should help you level up a bit faster and get your head around the combat. If you're a pro destiny - does some things differently - the first game so hopefully you can pick up some good advice too.

Let's get going if you're completely new to destiny 2 you might not know that each enemy has a weak spot, shoot them in this special place and you'll do more damage you can tell when you've hit it as the damage indicator numbers will be yellow instead of white.

Now for most enemies the weak point is the head if you're fighting the Fallen who are the guys with the forearms or the hive just aim for the face.

The big enemies have destiny 2, the red Legion also needs to be shot in the face though there are also a few other weak spots. The Legionnaires can also be shot in their jetpacks with some taste the yellow damage and the fiery Incendies will explode.

If you keep targeting their fuel tanks on their backs if you kill and then send your without detonating his fuel tank the tank will fall to the ground where it could be shot and made to explode hurting any enemies nearby.

It's worth remembering if you get yourself in a bit of a tight spot but the one enemy faction that you don't want to shoot in the head other vex take of X goblins head and his body becomes a rampaging death machine.

Running at you and potentially doing a lot more damage instead you want to focus on the white crystal shape in its belly and when you encounter the stronger hobgoblins, you'll want to focus on shooting that crystal as fast as possible.

If you give these guys a chance to drop into their shielded position, they can regenerate all their health so focus on picking them off one at a time.

As a general rule, we tend to use our kinetic weapons for these grunts this is the gun in the top slots of the inventory screen and uses white ammo boxes.

Bungie says that kinetic weapons do the most damage when you land critical hits - weak spots so you'll be using this for a large chunk of the time. Of course, your energy weapon is used for our next tip. Not all enemies are going to politely stand by and let you pour lead into their faces stronger foes hide behind elemental shields that absorb huge amounts of damage if not taking care of.
Your energy weapons are more effective against shields than kinetic weapons but it's much better to hit it with the elemental ammo of the same type break a shield this way and it stuns the enemy behind the shield and does damage to his nearby allies.

In other words, it turns a shield into a small explosion which can only be a good thing for a blue arc shield you need a gun that does arc damage on the inventory screen its attack value will be in blue.

For our orange solar shield, you need a weapon with orange solar damage and for a purple void shield you need you guessed it a weapon with purple void damage. Kinetic weapons don't have these elemental mods, so you'll need to look to your energy and power weapons to deplete the shields. For starters you want to amass a collection of weapons that covers all three shield types you can either rely on random loot drops in the e DS ed patrol zone or by purchasing a specific weapon from one of the many vendors.

Once you've got a gun of each type it's a case of knowing when to use them. Personally, we try to cover our bases by arming our guardian with an energy and power weapon with different elemental damages. This way you will always be able to take down two of the three in the early stages of the game we came across more arc and solar shields, so we use an arc energy weapon and a solar power weapon. Of course, as each enemy type uses a shield you can predict what weapon you need for each fight.

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