Insights on how CBD E-liquid works and its benefits

If you are someone who is familiar with the idea of vaping then you must have come across CBD products. Cannabidiol or popularly known as CBD has been gaining attention for its medicinal purposes. CBD E-liquids are simply the concentrated forms of CBD that are specifically made for the purpose of vaping. Vaping CBD is the most convenient way to consume cannabis and can be
done so by using e-cigarettes, vaporizers or vape pen.

CBD – Definition

As mentioned, Cannabidiol is the primary component of CBD E-liquids. Cannabidiol is one among the 60 odd components that make up what we commonly know as marijuana. Also known as ganja, these plants are known for their recreational use. The component of his plant that makes you high’ is called THC or Tetra-hydro-cannabinol. THC is
the most abundant component that you will find in a marijuana plant, the higher the amount of THC the better it will be for recreational use. CBD is the second-most abundant component in marijuana and has been identified for its medicinal qualities.

CBD E-Liquids vs CBD Oils - Difference

CBD E-Liquids: The primary ingredients of such e-liquids include Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol
(PG), Flavourings and CBD. You could these are the same as e-cigarettes with nicotine being replaced by CBD. The CBD that is commonly used in such products is CBD isolate which is its purest form.

CBD Oils: Simply said, CBD oils replace PG and VG and replace them with oil. Hemp Oils and coconut oils are the most commonly used oils. The addition of oil makes the product ideal to be taken by the mouth rather than vaping.

Advantages of CBD

Does not get you high

As already explained, the absence of THC and
the added presence of CBD ensures that vaping such e-liquids will not have any psychotic effect. Better yet, some tests have pointed to how these can be effective as an antipsychotic medicine. CBD can be the answer to people suffering from delusions and hallucinations.


Similar to marijuana itself, these E-Liquids have been found to be effective in dealing with chronic body pain. CBD works by acting on the brain’s pain receptors and releasing the neurotransmitters so as to ease the pain and provide comfort.

Helps with Insomnia

If you are someone suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia or interrupted sleep then CBD may be able to help. Studies have pointed to how even a small amount of CBD is extremely helpful in getting a good night’s sleep.

Other Uses

Many of CBD’s advantages that are touted by manufacturers are still to be scientifically proven. Nevertheless, CBD has on isolated occasions helped people with seizures and cancer fight and control their diseases.

Buying the Right Product

Manufacturers have now only started to explore the advantages and uses of CBD. As with any
industry that is taking its baby steps, it is difficult to definitively point to what is good or what is bad. However, no research till now has proven that CBD has any side-effects. If you do want to try out the product yourself, follow our two basic rules to stay clear of low-quality products.

Only buy a homogenous product, the product you are buying should have a uniform mix and not appear in different layers.

Make sure it passes the sunlight test, the product you are planning to buy should be clear enough so that light may pass through it without any hindrance.

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