What is a 3-D printer?

Printers have become objects of necessity for students as well as at the workplace in today's modern age. With technological advancements reaching the heights of the sky, it has made things possible to be viewed in three dimensions, which has innumerable practical uses. The cutting edge technology of computer-aided design images facilitates business and production models to be viewed in a three-dimensional manner for cost reduction as well as to optimize efficiency.

Rapid prototyping is one of the reasons why 3D printers have been hailed to the top in the sector of model and production design. It's a neat ability to give a deeper understanding of different models and products helps the production team as well as the design in making corrections for eliminating flaws in the prototype.

What kind of technology is used in a 3-D printer?

Just like most of the technological gadgets in the world, a 3D printer uses both hardware air as well as software as its components. The focal software forms the core of the 3D design if an object is Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Any two-dimensional object can be easily converted to its three-dimensional form with the help of this software.

The kind of 3D printing India has to offer uses an extruder or laser that moves along the three axes known as the X, Y and Z axis for a three-dimensional look. The CAD is primarily used for creating a basic prototype on the basis of which the three-dimensional view is taken into consideration and altered. There are four unique kinds of 3D printers available in the global market based on different technologies:

  • Material extrusion 3D printers
  • Selective Deposition Lamination 3D printers
  • Photopolymer 3D printers
  • Binding 3D printers

What are the advantages of using a 3D printer over the others?

This modern piece of technology has no bounds on the size of the object whose 3D model has to be created. It can be as small as the size of a nail or as large as that of a ship.

A clear view of the object and consideration makes it easier for the designers to make any changes or improvement in it depending upon the wants and needs of the users.

A definite design and rapid prototyping makes it possible for a product to be recreated in a shorter span of time and saves a lot of money and energy.

What are the uses of a 3D printer in India?

3D printers have done wonders in the automobile sector as the prototype created using this technology makes it easier for the designers to make the body of the machine lighter without compromising on its power.

3D printing service has made it possible to bring about revolutionary changes in the fields of fashion dentistry and production among many others. Its ability to make people focus on the details of the object makes it a great piece of technology to have at a time of need.

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