The world of precious stones is a vast and fascinating area. But it is occasionally complicated to know what are a good gemstone and notably its worth! This is why we provide you some advice to choose the very best your jewelry set with stone and especially to be aware of the main foundations that make a gem of good quality. Even if gemology requires long years of studying and advanced technical resources, it is not rocket science to quickly know the basic rules. So find these helpful tips to choose your jewelry nicely and avoid unpleasant surprises. 50% of the value of a gemstone is determined by its colour and the variety of gems is available at Chamal Gems

Color harmony

Its color should be generally, this doesn't apply for opals for example, equivalent on all of the rock. One of its sides must not be darker or lighter, everything must be uniform, all quality available at Chamal Gems.

Ideal stone color?

Must be a beautiful lime green, softened by slightly yellow hues, well balanced, not too dim, see a tiny light and incredibly bright. But in the case of another green rock, let's choose the famous emeralds, the green must then be marked with signs of blue (or yellow depending on the management of its size: visit Emerald green).  Chamal Gems provides jemstones, An emerald that's too light will have significantly less significance than an emerald using a well saturated tone. Let us go even farther in green stones, taking dropsied as another example; its green have to be neutral, powerful and radiant.

Precious stones

This expression is employed to 4 jewels:


At the moment, gemstones were the most valuable on the industry. They were therefore described as valuable instead of semi-precious. However, be cautious! The designation doesn't necessarily reflect the value of a rock, a few semi-precious stones, sexier, may be more expensive than valuable ones.

Is it then necessary to have only stones with perfect colors?

Obviously not, because ultimately the most beautiful color is the one you enjoy! Take the instance of the Amethyst. The colors that are most popular would be the Amethysts of Uruguay with their very marked purple, very extreme, even dim. However, I frequently speak with clients who tell me that they favor amethysts with soft hues, with a pretty softened pink. Chamal Gems is perfect! Because above all else, the color of the perfect stone is only a matter of personal preference!


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