The fact is that you pay for everything, every breath has a cost. When you receive something, anything, you pay for it in some way. If you don’t pay now, you will pay later, or you may have paid in advance. Self development cannot happen if you deny or ignore the reality that everything has a cost, and if we do not pay in some way, we will not get the value we could have.

You pay for your salary with your time. Because you paid with your time to earn your salary, that block of time is no longer available to pay or use for anything else. All knowledge you have, you paid for either with tuition to the school or with your time instead of playing some games.

Everything is finite, especially time. Time is the common factor to everything, therefore you pay with what you sacrifice doing with that time. I can do this or that. I can take an afternoon nap or I can read. If I nap, I have paid with what I did not read by not getting knowledge from what I could have read. I may read later, but I will always be that much behind in my reading even if I read every day in my life, I will never read as much as I could have read if I did not nap.

Use wisdom combined with considering choosing the global or selfish motivation and project the short and long term result when making any decision. This way you can be aware of the need to pay in some way, and clear your debts so that you can receive and make the best use of everything you get, be it a material object or knowledge, without the guilt of knowing you took without giving back.

Since life is generally an endless loop, even if it changes slightly it is still pretty much a loop for any average person. You can project the outcome of an event based on past experience. Drawing from the last section of the All Is Mind workshop; if you do not make conscious effort to use the correct aspect of your nature; emotional or intellectual and which mind is used; ego or wisdom mind, then make a global minded decision, you are certain to stay in your endless loop.

Whether you notice these parts of the machine or not, that does not change the reality of their existence and effects in your life.

Look for the cost before making a decision. The more you see and observe the parts of your mind in action, the quicker you will be able to know the right decision to any situation. You will find yourself moving forward rather than in the same place on your endless loop.

The problem is that sometimes the right decision is to do nothing, to wait. Other times it requires immediate action. Be prepared for both possibilities by observing the ego mind when you are determining a response. The ego personality wants to do things based on what it has learnt it should do to satisfy its ego needs. This is short term thinking. The global mind thinks long term so it encompasses the benefits to your ego along with your self development.

In the Kybalion, the concept of everything existing at the same time as its opposite shows us how we can learn to equate action with non-action as both being correct actions, depending on the situation.

We often define doing nothing as wrong. Using the stock market as an example, if you are not sure about a stock going up in price, then the best thing is to do nothing. But if you know that it will rise, then the best action is to buy. Doing nothing or doing something are equally correct action, depending on the moment.

Remove this fixed opinion that things are either good or bad, but adopt the open mind which sees the appropriate action at every moment even if you have done the same thing in the same situation for most of your life. This moment it may require a different reaction.

The concept of Karma explains the law that every action will cause a reaction. Remember this when choosing your actions so that the reactions are positive.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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