Vibemac is one such company which has developed specialised sewing automats for 5 pocket denim jeans production and has imparted the understanding of the same to the industry impressively in last 40 years of its business. However, it is also a fact that, to do turnkey projects, it had to depend on other vendors which may or may not be as per the standards set by Vibemac.

As a result, Vibemac had been facing a major bottleneck – the plight of the manufacturer was such that they had to dedicate technician after technician for the maintenance of the basic machines, while the automatic units in the same premises performed at maximum efficiency. At the end of the day, the chain is just as strong as the weakest link. This was one of the strong reasons that Vibemac set its sails towards the east (China) back in 2018 and entered into an agreement with Jack Sewing Machines which is a leading sewing technology and equipment manufacturer. The union of the two companies was celebrated and much appreciated throughout the industrial circles. This coming together of two giants allowed synergies like never before and both teams of R&D began an intensive collaboration together. And, needless to say, new basic line of sewing machines launched by Vibemac is the first notable result of this collaboration.

Having a complete understanding of its clients’ need, Vibemac has taken COVID-19 challenge in a constructive way and diversified into basic sewing machines segment, yet giving a high class technology without compromising on parameters such as quality and productivity. With this new launch, the Italian sewing tech giant aims at catering to the manufacturing industry’s requirements and supporting the factories in their endeavours of staying relevant in the market.

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