The competitive nature of the professional environment demands for skill development and thus it is essential for individuals, who wish to succeed in their chosen field of interest, to invest in the upgrading of their skill sets.

Several banking organizations have set up schemes in order to motivate the younger generations to strive towards achieving their goals. This venture of the banking system is also a step towards closing the gap of the unemployment ratio within the nation. A developing nation, like India, requires a high-quality workforce with experts in various fields in order to boost economic development.

The eligibility criterion for individuals to avail services based around Skill Development Loan has been mentioned in the list below. It is important for applicants to have a thorough understanding of the procedure and the rules before proceeding with the same.

•The most important criterion is to have an acceptance letter to any of the reputed institutions in any course that the candidate wishes to pursue. The fee that needs to be paid prior to joining the university is entirely covered through this system.

•There have been no specifications on the minimum age that is required in order to apply for this loan, but minors need to have the explicit permission of their guardian to continue with the processing of the loan amount. All the proceedings of the applications need to be carried out by theguardian on behalf of the minor.

•The individual would need to provide identity proof and age proof. It is also a necessity for the applicant to be a resident of India in order to be eligible to apply for this loan. The validity of all the documents that need to be provided should be checked in prior to avoid any complications.

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The eligibility criterion for individuals to avail services based around skill development loan has been mentioned in the list below.