All My Friends Are Getting Pregnant and I Can't: Dealing with Infertility and Pregnant Friends

Your fertility plays a big part, so you should watch out for it if you would like to conceive without difficulty. Your health, body weight, appropriate timing of sexual intercourse and even your sex positioning are things to think about when you want to get pregnant naturally.

Obviously, it takes two to tango, so it also is useful to look into your partner's fertility levels to increase the possibilities of conception. If you would like to enhance the probabilities with your own exertions, the natural means is usually an affordable and good choice. The following are some approaches you could use on how to get pregnant naturally.

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Watch your period cycle. By doing this, you could figure out your most fertile time and the best period in which to engage in sexual intercourse.

Keep track of your ovulation by way of cervical mucus or basal body temperature. You could accomplish this manually or obtain some ovulation kits to assist you in figuring out if you are ovulating.

Engage in normal sex. Normal sex could definitely enhance the possibilities of hitting a fertile period. One of the most efficient methods on how to get pregnant naturally is to engage in sex each day throughout the fertile period. This will definitely provide you with a good possibility in getting pregnant.

Keep up a healthy body weight. Obesity can be an issue of non-fertility therefore you need to get rid of that extra weight to enable yourself to conceive.

Do some exercise. Working out is not just healthy for a body that needs to get pregnant but also for your overall health. However, be certain that you do not too much exercising, as it could cause you to skip your menstrual period, therefore the absence of ovulation.

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Eat a healthy diet. Besides receiving the advantage of your total health, there is also food that could enhance your fertility. Oysters work great, as they are rich in zinc; this element increases you and your partner's fertility levels.

Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol has a hostile impact on your fertility and also has an influence on the quality of many men's sperm count. Therefore, you need to stay away from it.

Don't consume any chocolate, caffeine or pop. Research has revealed that more caffeine in your body eliminates the possibility of getting pregnant since the stimulant could impact your ovulation, so begin to eliminate coffee from your diet as much as you can.

Stop smoking. Not only does smoking impact your fertility, but it could additionally bring about birth defects in your child.

Find ways to reduce stress. Allowing feelings of desperation and stress could impact your level of fertility, as well. Research has uncovered that pregnancy is more likely to happen when couples are stress-free and comfortable. Find ways to feel happy and stay that way while evading negative emotions and you will increase your chances of being able to get pregnant naturally.

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Are you trying to get pregnant for a long time but not getting the success of your efforts? What do you feel when you see other couples are enjoying their life with their children? Giving birth of a child is a basic instincts of all the women in the world. This is a very natural thing but some women gets it very difficult and they need to do many efforts to get pregnant naturally. So, when you decide to get pregnant and start you own family, you need to have a proper planning. You should have full information about how to get pregnant fast and naturally.

The first and most important thing you need to learn that when you ovulate in every month? You need to determine to notice your ovulation. When you will know the exact date of your ovulation then you can have intercourse with your partner around the ovulation. Three to four days before and after your ovulation is the best time to increase the chance of getting pregnant.

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The second thing you need to focus on your diet. Men must ensure that the diet that is rich in zinc is very helpful in increasing sperm count. Low sperm count is one of the most important reasons of infertility. A woman, who is going to have a baby and planning to conceive, should eat diets which are rich in iron, vitamins, proteins and minerals. These diets are very helpful in conceiving easily and naturally. Before getting pregnant you need achieve a healthy weight. Under weight and overweight can reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

The last thing is Position of intercourse which is also very important in getting pregnant fast and naturally. Make sure sperm should deposit as close as possible to the cervix during the time of intercourse.

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I often get questions about astrology and the moon's cycles as it relates to baby gender. People often ask me if they're more likely to conceive a boy or a girl baby if the moon is full or new. I will discuss my take on this in the following article.

Does The Phase Of The Moon Affect Your Baby's Gender?: Judging from the correspondence that I get, many people seem to believe that this is a possibility. I'm certainly not an expert in astrology or the moon's cycles, but my research on this indicated that astrologers will tell you that if you ovulate and have intercourse within 24 hours of a full moon, you're more likely to have a baby boy. But, if you ovulate and have intercourse within 24 hours of a new moon, you're more likely to have a baby girl.

I can see how this type of timing might be fun to try to achieve. It's neat to have a certain time of the month to shoot for, but this seems to only work if you are lucky enough for your ovulation to occur within the 24 hour time frame around the moon's desired phase. This is not going to be the case for many women. And, knowing what I know about what determines baby gender scientifically, it's a bit hard for me to buy into this.

Which sperm chromosome fertilizes your egg is what ultimately determines whether you have a boy or a girl. If an X sperm is what fertilizes you egg, then you will have a girl. If it's a Y instead, then you will conceive a boy. A man's sperm is said to have equal amounts of these two chromosomes which is one reason that the odds of having a boy or a girl are mostly equal. It's hard for me to believe that the moon's phases changes this equal ratio, but I suspect that there are other things which might.

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Other Things (Besides Lunar Cycles) That Can Affect Your Baby's Sex: As you might have guessed, I tend to place more stock in science than in astrology or lunar cycles. Since we already know that your baby's gender is dependent on whether an X or a Y fertilizes the egg, what can you do to give an advantage to the sperm chromosome that you want to be successful? You can understand the attributes that make them behave in the way that they do.

The Y or boy producing sperm are the fastest but are also the most vulnerable. These die off much more easily and quickly. Time and acid are both enemies to them. So, if you want a girl baby, this is important to you. You can conceive early and make sure that you are acidic. If you want a boy, you will need to conceive later and try to counteract this acidity issue by become more alkaline.

On the other hand, the X or girl producing sperm are stronger but also slower. Their enemy is speed. Since it's difficult to speed them up, the best approach here if you want a girl is to prey on the boy sperm's weakness as was discussed above. You can change whether you are acidic or alkaline through your diet or through douching.

I know that it's fun to think about the moon's cycles. I do understand this. There's no reason that you can't combine science with astrology if you like. You can monitor your ovulation cycle using ovulation predictors and can also keep on eye on your acidity with PH test strips. If everything lines up when the moon is doing what you want it to do, that's great. But I tend to doubt that your partner's sperm is suddenly going to be stacked with X's or Y's just because of the position of the moon, but this is only my personal opinion and I do admit that astrology and lunar cycles are a bit of fun. That's why there's no reason you can't use both methods.

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I sometimes have people contact me and ask me if it's a myth or a misconception that you can control your baby's gender or whether you have a boy or a girl. The answer to this depends on which methods you plan to use, which I'll discuss more in the following article.

The truth is, you can control your baby's gender if you're using artificial means to do so. Couples using a specialty clinic that employs preimplantation genetic diagnosis (which determines the baby's gender before implantation) has very high success rates. But this process is extremely expensive and isn't going to be the answer for every couple.

I believe that you can influence your baby's gender using natural methods at home. I'm not sure that it would be totally accurate to say that you can 100% percent control your baby's gender this way, but you can definitely greatly influence it. To break this down even more, in order to have a boy baby, you need for a Y sperm chromosome to fertilize the egg. If you want a girl, you need for this sperm chromosome to be an X instead.

One of the reasons that PGD has a high success rate is that the clinic is able identify and then hand pick whether an X or Y chromosome is used. Since you can't see what's going on once the sperm is released and makes it's way toward your egg, it's difficult for you to replicate this at home. However, based on what we know about how the these different chromosomes react to their environment and the challenges that they often face, you can use this knowledge to influence which chromosomes are ultimately successful and result in a pregnancy. This in turn most definitely can influence your baby's gender.

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For example, because we know that the Y (or boy producing) sperm have much shorter life spans than the X or girl producing sperm, it makes sense to wait to have intercourse until you are absolutely sure you have ovulated. This ensures that you will have as many viable and healthy Y's in the race to the egg. Following this same train of thought, knowing that the Y's are particularly vulnerable to acidic surroundings, you will want to use douches or a special diet to ensure that you are alkaline. This is one other way that you can give those Y's the best chance possible while minimizing their vulnerabilities and maximizing the advantage that they do have (which is speed.)

If you want a girl baby, the idea is the same. The X or girl producing sperm chromosomes are more hardy, but are somewhat slow. So, you'd want to have intercourse before ovulation and you'd want to make sure that you are acidic. This in turn would contribute to their being less Y's and more X's in the race for the egg, which would increase your chances for a girl.

So my answer to the question of "is it a myth that you can control whether you have a girl or a boy baby" would be no, it's not a myth if you are talking about using a clinic or invasive methods. And, while it may be asking too much to control you baby's gender using natural methods at home, it's certainly realistic to think that you could influence your baby's gender or increase your odds of having a girl or a boy baby, depending on which you want.

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