Day by day sports are making their own place among Indians. Not even youngster, kids are also having huge craze for taking part in sports activity. The main benefits of sports are:

1. Helpful in improving eye co-ordination.
2. Increase confidence level.
3. Maintain fitness level.
4. Increase stamina and foot work.
5. Reduce stress level and risks of diseases.
6. Improve the level of leadership among players.

Are you ready for the season with highest quality gear? Hurry up! And be prepare for adventure sports and buy sports accessories. In this article we provide interesting information about sports accessories to sports lovers so that they can enjoy the vast array of gear and accessories by just going to website Search online and find company Bhalla International – Vinex, this company is doing business since last 54 years under the sports category. This shows their achievement in sports field and they have received many awards as following:

1. They have received ISO 9001:2008 BSI certificate.
2. Get SA 8000:2008 certifications.
3. Awarded as 100% export oriented unit accreditation from government of India.
4. Number 1 award for export of Athletic equipment
5. Achieved award for highest export of branded goods.
6. Received export excellence award.

Company supplies a large range of sporting goods and accessories including Athletics – Track and Field Equipment (Discus, Javelin, Shot, Hammer, landing area pits, pole vault stand, slalom poles, starting block and field carts), Football Accessories, Soccer Training Equipment, Basketball Equipment, Baseball Accessories, Cricket Accessories, Table Tennis Equipment, Beach Toys, Boxing Accessories and many more. This company also deals with sports training equipment like speed resistance training equipment, agility hoops, speed and agility ladders, training arcs and many more.

Company not only manufacture sports accessories for outdoor usage but also for indoor usage like board games (chess set, ludo, snakes, ladder, business game, tic tac toe, ring toss, throwing set, Three-legged race tie, pop-up target disk, skittle game, puzzle mat, ball toss frame set, flying disk and many more) and Balloon Balls made of soft material feels like a soft toys. Company achieved success in designing a large range of educational accessories for educating kids with more fun and knowledge that includes educational mats with objects name and picture, educharts of different objects (alphabetic, vegetables, fruits, animals, time-n-clock, map-n-capital, geometric shapes, week-n-seasons), count mat, target mat, learning mats of number and alphabets, educational quiz mats, edulearn chats, play-n-learn boards, edubeanz and other quiz boards (shapes and numbers), alphabet cones, symbol cones, number cones and bean bags (alphabet, color names and geometric shapes).

The company also offers a wide range of fitness accessories for indoor and outdoor usage like dumbbells, exercising tube, waist twister, treadmills, abdominal exercise equipment, exercise bike, gymnastic equipment (vaulting box with table, gym bench, pommel and vaulting horse, gym and crash mat to learn different routines such as somersaults and flips, medicine ball, barbell set, weight lifting equipment, push-up bar, ankle weights, wrist weights, latex fit-ring, fit-band, fitness ring, home gym equipment and vibration plate massager.

To know more information about sporting goods and accessories visit website: or make a call at +91-121-2441111, 2440252.

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I Shekhar have great excitement to share my knowledge and experience to people related to sports field and believe in providing complete information about the top manufacturer of sporting goods.