The evolution of the game has been swift from its origins in the 70s to the modern game we know today. It all started with the paintball gun. The term "marker" is a much newer term introduced to make the sport more marketable to the masses. So, what is the history of this relatively new sport and how has it evolved over three decades?

The first paintball guns were used on cattle ranches in the 1970s to single out animals from the herd. James Hale, of Daisy manufacturing , invented a gun for this purpose.

This practice soon evolved into a game and the first ever recreational paintball game took place in June 1981 in New Hampshire, USA. A group of friends used Nel-Spot 007s to play a very basic form of the game over a massive area to capture the flag.

Paintball games are played by the players firing pellets filled with paint on their opponents. It is a live action war and strategy game, the usual objective or winning move is to capture the flag of the enemy's camp. The first paintball game was played on June 27, 1981 by a platoon of united states marines in basic training.

The first modern paintball games had players hurling paint balls at each other instead of shooting from a gun. The first balls also contained oil-based paints that couldn't be washed off with water. So, after a paintball game, players would follow up with a turpentine party to wash off the paint from their bodies.

Each paintball game player needs three pieces of game equipment:

  • (1) The paintball marker or "gun," which is a shooter used to mark the opponent during the game. A loader keeps the shooter loaded with ammunition and a gas bottle propels the balls.
  • (2) Paint balls, which are gelatinous capsules containing non-toxic polyethylene glycol and dye.
  • (3) Masks, which provide protection for the head. They completely cover the organs of the head plus sometimes a portion of the throat.

The rules for playing a paintball game are agreed upon by the players before commencing. There are a great variety of rules for this game, but the one basic rule is that the players of both teams should try to gain an objective that is pre-set before the game starts. Players of one team try to disqualify their opponents buy shooting at them. Once a player is hit the pre-agreed number of times, he is considered dead and must leave the field. He may or may not return to the game depending on what was agreed upon

Paintball strategy is very hard to come up with, because it is hard to really think when you are being shot at by your enemy. Hopefully we can correct that and assist you with better understanding the mindset to be in while playing.

To most effectively plan your paintball strategy, you need to be in a relaxed mindset. Our brains and bodies are set up with a "fight or flight" mechanism that helps control us when we feel threatened (in Paintball Games this is especially true). Being able to control yourself in those situations is imperative to your success in effectively planning and executing your strategy. To do so, try to work on the following (keep in mind that it will take time to transition yourself into this mindset, but it is well worth the time and effort required):

Keep in your mind that it is just a game. Remind yourself that you will not die if you get hit by a paintball, and the only negative consequence is that you are "dead" in the game.


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