All about Nano Aquarium
Hi fish-keepers so today I’m going to talk about Nano aquariums. Beginners usually prefer bowls due to space and other issues but I would like to suggest opting for a Nano aquarium instaed.
Nano aquariums are fish tanks which are small in size let’s say up till 12 to 15 inches. A fish tank that is 37 liters. I usually suggest a Nano fish tank to hobbyists who do not have a lot of space for 2 feet or above tanks. I believe a Nano fish aquarium is best option against a bowl. A fish bowl does not allow an oxygenator, filter, thermostat or other important accessories suitable for fish. This results in mortality of fish or invites unwanted diseases. A Nano aquarium however can be well equipped. You can easily develop a perfect eco-system for the fish by adding artificial bacteria or putting the tank on standby til the eco system develops by itself.
A Nano fish aquarium can be set up in a lot of different scapes. A beautifully planted Nano aquarium inhabiting colorful tetras, guppy or shrimps can be a star attraction on your study table or work table top. A small Nano reef or saltwater aquarium is becoming very popular these days. To buy fish tank online contact us on our website.

Frequently asked questions:

1) Are Nano fish tanks hard to keep?
Nano tanks are very easy to be kept. A well-equipped Nano fish tank suitable for the fish included is a pleasure. A regular water change, water
Parameter checking, adding an oxygenator, a good filter is all about you need to care for.

2) Do Nano tanks need filter?
Filters are required for all fish tanks. Due to the small size, fish food, fish faeces will result in building up pollutants quickly. In these conditions it is
necessary to keep your water clean and also provide excellent water flow in the tank. Many nano aquariums come with an inbuilt filter unit. For a
Customised Nano aquarium you can opt for either internal Hang on back or external Hang on back in case of a planted or salt water fish tanks.

3) Which fish can go in a Nano fish aquarium?
Some catchy fish for a Nano aquarium are
• Shrims
• Rasbora
• Neon Tetra
• Cardinal Tetras
• Bettas
• Harlequin Rasboras
• Fancy Guppies
• Endler
• Zebra Danios
• Mountain Minnow
• Otocinclus
• Corrydoros

4) How do you clean a Nano fish aquarium?
Cleaning of a Nano fish aquarium depends on the setup. Let’s say if a Nano aquarium has a regular tropical setup, siphon out 30% water clean
the glass and sand or gravels. Wash the filter media if any. If your Nano aquarium setup is planted, siphon out water, clean the glass, if required
trim the plants, clean filter media and then refill the tank. If the Nano aquarium setup is a saltwater setup then you need to first check water parameters like nitrate level, ammonia level, pH and other details. Salt water setup water changes should be carried our either quarterly or half yearly. Good artificial bacteria should be added to the filter media to support the ecosystem. To know more about Nano fish aquariums see our YouTube Video

5) How many fish can be kept in a Nano aquarium?
In a Nano aquarium the best suited fish are schooling or shoaling varieties. You can add strikingly colored tetra varieties in a group of 6 pairs or
mix two different community varieties.

6) How do you start a Nano saltwater tank?

Let’s see Step by step setting up a Nano Reef
• Choosing Fish Tank
• An appropriate filter
• Location
• Basic Preparations
• Filling the Tank
• Salt
• Adding a Heater or chiller
• Arranging the Hardscape
• Cycling the tank and preparing the ecosystem
• Adding the fish
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