Laser etching, laser marking, or laser engraving is the method of marking objects using laser beam of light. This technique totally uses laser beam of light to engrave or print on materials.
The laser light can be applied on certain metals, plastics, and natural materials such as stone, wood, glasses, etc. The intensity of required light for engraving depends on type of material.

Before engraving designs on material, program is written on computer to control the beam of light. Once the set of program is made in the computer, the beam of light can be controlled using the program and engraving of right design can be done on the materials. Very complex designs can also be engraved very clearly and precisely. Since, the technique does not involve ink, the output is very clear and can be retained for long time. The technique also does not involve bits tool. So, there is no chance of wear out on the materials on which engraving is done.

Let us now know the applications of laser engraving:

Industrial application: Laser engraving is used for marking objects in different industries. The process is used for engraving names and logo of the brands on different types of products which can be anything in the wide industries such as steel plants, aeronautical companies, electrical industries, etc.

Educational institutions: Educational institutions such as schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc use plastic identity cards. Laser embossing is used for such cards with the name of students, name of education center, year of enrollment and other information.

Hospitals: Hospitals uses cards for patients and staffs with the laser engraved serial number and, ward number, etc.

Banks: Banks use laser engraving method for printing number on credit cards, ATM cards, and debit cards.

There are endless applications of laser marking technology. Many private companies and government agencies also use the method for different uses. The method is very accurate for marking anything very precisely and perfectly. Seeing the endless application of laser marking, many companies have emerged in United Kingdom for engraving different objects for different purposes. The companies have updated themselves with different types of printers and machines using laser light for printing, etching, engraving and embossing. The companies in United Kingdom provide complete range of printing services on different materials. Printing can be done on very small to very big piece of objects. So, laser lights is perfect for marking objects in desired designs.

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