Italian Soft Nougat
When it comes to gorgeous and delicious Italian treats, Italian torrone secures the top position in the list of favorites. The classic nougat is a typical sweet in Italy that has been enjoyed for centuries. The famous Italian soft nougat is made using various kinds of ingredients- including honey, almonds, hazelnuts, and eggs. Although several other countries have a historical connection with the traditional confection, the torrone is a traditional Christmas treat in Italy.

Let’s explore in detail about nougat and where to get the traditional sweet.

History Of Nougat

Nougat is a classic confection that has many versions. Apart from Italy, countries like France and Spain have different variations of the traditional sweet, and people in these regions have been enjoying the delight for a long time. As the nougat’s link belongs to centuries ago, its origin is obscure. Some food historians found the sweet mentioned in the Roman epicure that dates back to around 1st-century AD.

The epicure named ‘Apicius from 1st-century AD’ tells about a nut custard whose ingredients include walnuts, honey, and eggs. Apart from Romans, the traditional sweet has also been linked to the Arabs as they have cultivated several types of nuts.

Italian Nougat

Popularly called Italian torrone, the sweet’s history in Italy dates back to the 15th century. It is believed that the first Italian nougat version was created for a wedding celebration of aristocrats. That time, the sweet was made to match the shape of the bell tower of the Cremona cathedral, which was Torrazzo in the 15th century. Torrazzo is believed to be the reason behind the name ‘Torrone’ given to the dish.

Italian Nougat Versions

There are many versions of the traditional treat. However, hard nougat and soft nougat are two main versions you can find in Italy. Apart from that, some Italian nougat torrone versions just include nuts while others may have fruit or chocolate.

How To Make Italian Nougat

If you are thinking of experiencing the authentic taste of traditional Italian torrone, then you can try making the sweet in your kitchen. You will be requiring ingredients like wafer paper, sugar, honey, egg whites, salt, nuts, corn syrup, vanilla extract, and granulated sugar.

Once you have all these ingredients, you can start the nougat-making process by lining the baking pan with the wafer paper. Turn over to 180-degree. Now, put nuts in the baking tray and bake them until roasted. After that, take a pot and make a syrup using sugar, water, and glucose. Pour the honey into egg whites. Now, take the roasted nuts and add them to the mixing bowl. Mix them well, and then pour them into the pan lined with paper.

Where To Get Italian Nougat Torrone

If making Italian soft nougat seems like a challenging task, then you can buy it from an Italian food store. There are online stores that offer the traditional sweet in many versions. Ensure that you are buying a product made by a popular Italian brand.

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