Interval training has become the new thing in town recently. There may be some people who are wondering what it is or haven’t heard of it just yet. Well, interval training is a type of workout that comprises continuous low to high-intensity workouts with periods of rest or recovery. Why interval training is thought to be highly effective is because the intense short burst of exercise prompt the body to burn calories. It may be a tough training to some people but the benefits that come with it are definitely worth the effort. I will highlight some of the benefits that you can reap from interval training.

Saves you time

There are people who want to workout but cannot just find the time to do so. You may find yourself busy with work, studies or even your family to the extent of not having enough time to work out. Fortunately for you, interval training does not require that much time as the typical cardiovascular workouts. Interval training exercises are speedy in nature and this means just 30 minutes of it will deliver the same results as spending an hour on the treadmill.

Increases your endurance

Interval workouts can serve as a faster way for you to enhance your endurance. It will make it easy for you to do other exercises for longer and with much more energy. For instance, it can be a helpful workout for athletes as it will improve performance greatly. What interval workouts do is train the body on how to burn lactic acid so that you do not get tired fast. They also make your cardiovascular system get accustomed to stress and high intensity which can in turn increase speed and stamina in the future.

More calories burned

Interval workouts can be the fastest and effective way to lose weight. Since the exercises are intense, it only means the body will burn more calories as it tries to recover. As a matter of fact, with interval training, you are more likely to lose weight faster and within a short period than with other workouts.

The other thing is after a high-intensity workout, your body will still continue burning calories before getting back to its pre-workout state.

Good for your heart

High-intensity workouts are beneficial to your cardiovascular system and most especially your heart. Since the workouts are intense, your heart pumps more blood and at a faster rate and this in return makes it stronger and much more efficient. With a strong and healthy heart, the risk of developing heart diseases is decreased.

From all these benefits, you can see there is so much more to gain from interval training. The best thing to do is start slow and small as you get used to the workouts. Also, because the interval workouts are quite demanding to make sure you eat well before getting started. This is to ensure your body is well prepared for the strain that comes with interval training. Additionally, you don’t have to do interval training workouts every day. The exercises are intense and therefore your body needs some time to recover. Just three times in a week would be enough for you to achieve great results.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the article. To learn more about this you can go and check Tabata intervals. Best wishes!

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