Also referred to as the Malabar Tamarind, the Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit utilized as a weight loss supplement. Grown in India and the Southeast of Asia, this fruit contains the component hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which research suggests that it can help in losing weight. According to various studies, the component of the fruit helps in blocking and reducing your body's ability to make fat while reducing one’s appetite. It is also utilized to keep cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels down.

Currently, there are more than 15 HCG featuring products that are labeled as products of garcinia cambogia. Considering the idea of losing weight fast and effortlessly, people are drawn to the concept of garcinia cambogia pills as a quick fix. Owing to the fact that it doesn’t require one to change their diet that much, it's prominence within the weight loss industry has increased significantly.

Nonetheless, Garcinia Cambogia has been consumed in Asia for many years now although not for the sole reason of losing weight. Since its first launch into the US market a few years back, its popularity has dramatically increased. People are continually purchasing this miracle drug in hopes of getting rid of stomach fat and the stubborn body weight they have been struggling with.

How does it work?

According to various study, the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid that is found within the fruit's rind has the active components that aid in cutting back appetite while boosting fat burning. It blocks the enzyme referred as citrate lyase that the body utilized to produce fat. Additionally, the component also raises brain serotonin levels that reduce the urge for food.

Just like other weight loss supplements, reviews on Garcinia cambogia have been quite mixed. The use of the specific fruit and its extracts has over the years been subject to different claims that range from mild to incredibly impressive.

What are the main benefits of Garcinia cambogia

Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia is mainly marketed as a weight loss remedy that requires minimal effort. Some companies claim that the supplement can be used to lose weight without any additional dieting or exercise. It is actually true, HCA has been identified to boost the fat burning potential of the body. According to various study, the supplements of Garcinia cambogia have been identified as having promoted weight loss in numerous cases. However, the results usually vary widely. Some instances have produced incredible results while others have shown little to no changes.

A review by the Journal of Obesity compiled various results from different studies that utilized Garcinia cambogia for weight loss in humans. According to the final report, the findings depicted that there are mixed results for this particular supplement. The overall reduction in the body weight was significantly short because the studies were done for only short time periods. More extended studies in the future will substantially predict the safety and efficiency of Garcinia cambogia. For a more comprehensive perspective of Garcinia cambogia on weight loss offers a broad explanation on the subject.

High Cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes

The HCA component within Garcinia cambogia makes it easier for the body to lose glucose. A particular study carried out tests on mice to determine how they took to this specific element. Mice that were injected with Garcinia cambogia had low insulin levels than the ones with none. However, when garcinia cambogia pills are taken with blood sugar medication, it can reduce your glucose levels dangerously.

Some studies suggest that garcinia cambogia can significantly improve on cholesterol levels. As such lowering LDL and triglyceride levels ( the bad cholesterol) while increasing the HDL(the good cholesterol)

Athletic performance

Garcinia cambogia has constantly been marketed as a supplement that increases one’s athletic abilities. Researchers identified that both human and animal models offered high results on this claim. By using Garcinia cambogia or the HCA component within it, it significantly improves one’s endurance levels. It reduces one’s feeling of getting exhausted quickly. Nonetheless, other long-term studies should be carried out to identify the effectiveness of Garcinia cambogia on athletic performance.

Curbs appetite

Garcinia cambogia pills curb one’s appetite by making them feel full throughout the day. Various reviews have found impressive positive results on the issues. Nonetheless, there hasn’t been any human studies to prove its effectiveness. The absence of the studies on humans doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t work. People who have utilized it have reported that the Garcinia cambogia supplements have adequately supported their weight loss journey by making them feel significantly full throughout the day.

What are its risks?

Although Garcinia cambogia is considered safe for consumption, there are other significant considerations and risks that one should keep in mind before using it as a dietary supplement. According to the FDA, they don’t necessarily regulate supplements such as Garcinia cambogia like other pharmaceutical drugs. It this way, the numerous products of Garcinia cambogia are not necessarily required to meet the stringent standards there for increasing the probability of risks.


It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of Garcinia cambogia because its potency varies from one brand to the other. Some manufacturers may include filler ingredients to make it into a blend essentially making it harder for one to determine the appropriate dosage.

Some of the common side effects of Garcinia cambogia include

  • Low blood sugar
  • Skin Rashes
  • Symptoms of the common cold
  • Digestive Upsets
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Garcinia cambogia has been utilized for centuries as a safe fruit for consumption. Its supplements have been utilized effectively to help individuals lose weight. Nonetheless, its clinical pieces of evidence haven’t been entirely valid. If you are looking forward to taking it as a supplement, always ensure that you carry out a thorough research on it. Select trustworthy brands offering the best quality Garcinia cambogia pills that aren’t detrimental to your health. To enjoy the real benefits of Garcinia cambogia, you should buy the pills from a trusted supplier.

As we have identified Garcinia cambogia proves to have different results for different individuals. There are numerous benefits to it other than being a weight loss supplement. For more information on Garcinia cambogia visit for a comprehensive view.

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