This season, surf legacy is taking you on a journey. Where we have not been able to go in recent months.

It's time to regain color, sip lemonade on the terrace, and swim in a calm sea. Because surf legacy is good humor, popping colors, and above all, a family atmosphere inspired by the founders.

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Let's review the latest news from surf legacy for this 2021 season.


This season, the brand declares its love for psychedelic patterns that see life in orange. We go back to the seventies.

The decade that is lived in a kaleidoscope lying in a swimsuit on the deck of a boat. Graphic, naturally chic, ultra-solar.

Blue juggles with the optical effect, white invites nuance, roses set at the same time as the sun. It's the time of vintage elegance. The most captivating of summers.

Note that many patterns are available for men, women, boys, and girls. Ideal to put the whole family in the same colors!


Delicate cherry blossoms like spring in Kyoto, traditional fans that bend to your desires for freshness, hemp leaves symbolizing vitality to dive into the most beautiful adventures. From their travels in Japan,

Clarisse and Aymeric (the founders) have kept in mind the traditional Japanese motifs. Like the anchor points of a culture that reveals its charm in the details.

This season, the beauty of Japan invites us to watch the rising sun, cross-legged on the sand, zen, and happy to swim with the family in the summer.


A beach cabin, sheltered from the sun and the wind, placed on the sand like a new address: that of a holiday in the sun, without a watch and without obligation.

This season, we dreamed of the sea even more beautiful, bluer, more distant. And the first dive will be as gentle as it is invigorating.

We have made the Atlantic and the Mediterranean cross, and we have left the paradisiacal beaches with the luxury of coming and tickling your feet. This year, freedom is in three letters: MER Like the one that inspires the surf legacy collections.


This season, surf legacy is celebrating 5 years of Bensimon with a capsule with a camouflage pattern that pays tribute to the military surplus held by the father of the founders and which the brand seized on its debut to twist everything.

This colorful pattern is also an echo of Indonesian camouflage, surf legacy-inspired territory. Soft yellow, lagoon blue on a graphic and unique print.

A complete capsule (swimsuits, Bensimon tennis shoes, and beach bag) designed to love each other as a family, in town, by the water, or on the rocks.

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