Dermabrasion is a kind of exfoliating treatment in which a rotating instrument is used to remove the dead layer of skin. Dermabrasion is usually performed on the outer skin layer of the face. Cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in Dwarka often use this procedure for people who want to improve the appearance of their skin. The procedure proves to be quite effective in treating fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin tone and acne scars.

All the leading doctors specialising in cosmetic and plastic surgery in India offer the treatment in their clinic. The procedure is carried out under the influence of local anaesthesia which is injected in the outer layer of the skin and unlike the other treatments or surgical procedures, this is an outpatient procedure, which means that the patient is free to go home following the treatment.

Dermabrasion removes the damaged outer skin layer which basically exposes the new and younger layer of the skin to give a fresh and smoother look. Besides giving a youthful skin, dermabrasion is also used to get rid of age spots, acne scars, fine wrinkles, precancerous skin patches, rhinophyma i.e. redness and hardness of the skin around the nose. Besides this, the cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Delhi use dermabrasion for issues like sun damage, tattoos, scars from any accident, injury or surgery and uneven skin tone.

Dermabrasion is one of the best treatments available for all these issues and there are more advanced laser technologies specialized for tattoo removal as well. In this case, a discussion between the dermatologist and patient is necessary to finalize a specific treatment depending upon the case and its seriousness. There is a chance that the patient might not be recommended dermabrasion in case their skin tone is naturally very dark.

Before dermabrasion it is necessary to have a thorough check-up and studying all the medical history of the patient carefully, to discuss all the risks and benefits. After the procedure, there are chances that the patient will be advised to stop taking the prescribed medications if any as these might react with the skin and lead to even more skin darkening.
The most important part of this treatment is to avoid the sun even before the procedure or else it might lead to excessive skin discolouration. Besides this, there is a need to apply sunscreen every day and take extra care when outside and in sun.

During the procedure, a person holds the patient’s skin while the doctor rotates the dermabrader. It is basically a motorized device with a rough surface on it. The size of dermabrader varies depending upon the area of the face and size of the patch, for instance, in case of the corner of the lips, a pinpoint dermabrader will be used while for larger patches a round one will be used. Cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in Delhi perform the treatment in a number of sessions. Once the procedure is done, the treated area is covered with a moist dressing which is removed on the very same day.

Post-treatment the patient is advised to follow a set of instructions given by the dermatologist. The skin might appear pink or puffy with a tingling sensation. In a few cases, there might be some yellow liquid oozing out or crusting of the skin. It usually takes around three months for the new skin to habituate to the environment. Patients are advised to stay indoors for at least two weeks post operation.

Risks associated with dermabrasion are acne breakouts, enlarged pores, and change in skin tone, redness, rash and swelling. In very rare cases patients develop excessive scarring which can be managed through steroid intake. The treatment is offered at all the best hospital in Delhi.

Doctors usually advise patients to stay indoors after dermabrasion, in order to avoid the various risks and also recommend them to follow all the instructions given to them by the experts. It is very important to treat the new skin very gently and avoid harsh cleansers or creams. It might be advised to use petroleum jelly on the skin and use of sunscreen is a must even when the patient is indoors because it works to protect the newly formed skin from harmful rays of the sun affecting it.

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