Depression is a stage when you start losing the meaning of life. A sense of lost, lost about self, lost in purpose. You don't know where to go. No more future, no where to turn to, you feel no one understand you, no one sympathize your cry. They don't understand why you are sad all the times, why are you moody, why your mood swings from one end to another. It is a stage where life has no more meaning to you. You feel so hopeless, so miserable and you see yourself not achieving anything at the end of your life's journey. You just live a day at a time and hope that tomorrow wouldn't come because, you just dread to go through the whole cycle again.

It can also be caused by a loss, chronic illness, relationship problems, work stress, family crises, financial worries, even unexpected change. So many things in life can create the state of gloom! The good news is it can be corrected and managed. It can be healed, which is slightly different from treating it. Treating it likely involves the use of anti-depressant drugs. There is nothing wrong with that in severe cases, but there are steps you can take on your behalf to naturally shift your brain chemistry.

Fortunately for the treatment if depression there are various medicines that are available in the market. Among all the medicine available in the market Cymbalta is one of the medicine approved by Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of depression. It is one of the most trusted and recommended by the doctor. It is a prescription medicine used or the treatment of depression. Cymbalta is used for treating the condition of feeling sad or despondent called Depression. It is also used to treat the condition of apprehension, uncertainty, and FEAR ( anxiety). Cymbalta works by changing the deranged chemicals in the brain that cause Depression.

Before taking Cymbalta medicine few precaution needs to be taken to avoid any side effect.
1) People allergic to Cymbalta medicine or to its ingredient should not use this medicine.
2) It should not be taken with MAO inhibitors.
3) It should not be taken by children below the age of 18.
4) People suffering from some eye disease such as Glaucoma should not this medicine.
5) Alcoholic drinks should be avoided i you are taking treatment of this medicine.
6) Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not use this medicine as use of this medicine may harm the health of unborn baby or nursed child.

Before taking this medicine you should inform you doctor if you are taking any prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine. Do not increase or decease the dose o the medicine on your own as it may lead to some serious side effect. Take this medicine with a full glass o water with or without food. Take this medicine as prescribed by the doctor and at the same time each day. Keep all medicines away from the reach of the children and pet.

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