If your laptop is getting slow and you feel like you need to upgrade its’ configuration, there are a few things which you need to consider. Since we’re living in an age of laptops and high technology, we can presume that we don’t need to get messy with upgrading desktops. However, some of the following upgrades can easily be performed on desktops as well as laptops.
First thing, you need to lift up the lid on your laptop and see what all you’re working with. In a few easy steps, we’ll tell you how you can enhance your tired old laptop. However, you must beware, a lot of times, laptop manufacturers; install parts which cannot be removed, which prevent the machine from being upgraded. Having a laptop with removable Alienware Laptop Parts, is infinitely upgradable.
1. The first thing to do when upgrading is tweaking software. By doing so, you have the option to add memory which in turn increases performance (as the original installation option can be less than par).

2. There are a few things like graphic cards, video cards, and memory that you can purchase and install, but in some cases, it may be more wise to purchase a new laptop altogether. These upgrades are sometimes costly and purchasing a new laptop is relatively cheap now.

3. You will also need a list of processors based on the same socket, same voltage, and within the same thermal range of power. This information is important because it’ll prevent you from shutting your machine down.

4. The battery is also something which you can easily replace by removing the original one and inserting a new one. A lot of times, the battery life deteriorates and a by installing a new battery, you can add more power and life to your machine. Make sure your machine is powered off at this time, as well as unplugged.

5. Lastly, another thing you can add to jazz up your laptops’ configuration is speakers. Speakers are very accessible in any electronics store. As with any other product, it is important to do your research and of course, compare and contrast your final selection with other equally reputable options. Most speakers can easily be plugged in to your machine with a simple chord but there are others which require intricate installation.
When purchasing, it is important to keep in mind what you will be using these speakers for. Will your machine turn into a full entertainment system for big parties or will it be used moderately for your entertainment?
These are a few of the things we think you can do to upgrade your systems configuration and capabilities. The most important things to bear in mind are installation process and cost. You do not want to pick up a project that you can’t finish without pulling your hair out, nor do you want to make grand purchases without thinking the pros and cons out thoroughly.

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Abdul Samad Karar
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