While most people go to their ALICANTE VILLAS for a holiday, there are other reasons why someone would want to go. For example, Alicante has one of the most important and impressive universities in Spain with over 33,000 students converging on a campus over one million square metres across.

The design of the campus is really second to none; the urban green areas, all of which have been meticulously designed with pedestrianised zones, are aimed at improving the cultural educational and sportive aspects of university life. It branches out to the provincial towns in the region, with seven colleges attached and another seven university institutes. This all goes to ensure an excellent all round education for both the Spanish and other foreign students that use the facilities. The university also caters for the mature student so whether 20 or over 45 there is a wide range of education courses available.

The university has only been a part of the Alicante community for the last 30 years. Inaugurated in 1979, it took over the grounds of the Centre of Studies University, the CEU. At the time the CEU had only itself been open since 1968. Prior to that the University of Orihuela which opened in 1610 was the only university of its type in the region; unfortunately it was only open until 1808.

In its first year when on first opening in 1968 there were only 230 students but as the years past and with the expansion to new areas the students ranks swelled to the 33,000 students that study on and around the campus each year now. The campus alone employs 2,000 workers ranging from the teachers themselves to general service workers. Only the tourist industry in the region employs more staff.

After only 20 years as a university it has become one of the most important in the country, offering fifty different degrees and more than seventy university departments for study, ranging from the Department of Biochemistry to the Department of Prehistory. There are research groups working within areas of social sciences and law, experimentation, humanities, new technologies, health and science. The institutes range from economics to Valencian studies and even tourism has its own institute.

So you know when on your ALICANTE VILLAS holiday, one thing you can be sure of is that someone has studied to bring you everything you need to make your stay so much better. Outside university hours there is plenty to do for the students; Alicante has plenty of places to expand their knowledge. Be it from the museums that dot the town and surrounding areas to the many other municipal buildings, there are many interesting facts that encourage learning.

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