Graphene has been recognized as one of the most influential materials on earth since its discovery. Recently, Alfa Chemistry announces that the company starts to offer graphene sheets for customers worldwide in response to the ever increasing demand from both market and research circle.

As the thinnest, strongest and lightest material with incredible strength and elasticity, graphene has excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Their huge potential in materials science, energy, and biomedicine has been gradually unveiled by various studies.

"Graphene and graphene oxide can be manufactured in different forms. Each has unique properties and can be used in different scenarios," commented a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry. "To name just a few here, graphene aerogel, graphene dispersion, graphene FET chip, graphene film, graphene nanocomposite, graphene nanomaterials, graphene nanoplatelets, graphene oxide, graphene paper, graphene powder, graphene sheets, mechanically exfoliated single crystal graphene, reduced graphene oxide, single layer grapheme, etc. As a graphene producer, we are committed to providing the most affordable, high-quality and reproducible graphene materials for researchers and companies that are interested in exploring the potential of graphene.”

Graphene sheets are basically stacked together by weak Van der Waals forces, wherein the interaction energy between two layers is approximately ∼2eV/nm.
The graphene sheets available at Alfa Chemistry include:

Blank Aluminum Foil, and Graphene on Aluminum Foil
These two products can be used as electrocatalys, field-effect transistors, sensors, lithium ion batteries, and supercapacitors.

Conductive Graphene Sheets (8"x4"), Conductive Graphene Sheets (8"x8", 10 pack), Conductive Graphene Sheets (8"x8", 20 pack)
All of the three products can be used in thermal dissipation, electromagnetic shielding and devices like cell phones, laptops, LEDs, etc.

All products have undergone strict quality control tests and are trusted by universities, research laboratories and high-tech companies worldwide. Visit to learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s supply of graphene series products or just email at for more information.

Advantages and Properties of Graphene:
Graphene has large surface area, better electrical conductivity than copper and better thermal conductivity than any metal. They are two hundred times stronger and six times lighter than steel. Chemical components can be added to the surface of graphene to change its performance.

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About Alfa Chemistry
As a reliable partner for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies, Alfa Chemistry keeps close eye on the current novel materials that have huge potential. Graphene is among such materials. Through research and innovation, the company focuses not only on the production of graphene such as graphene oxide and CVD graphene film, but also on services like graphene modification and graphene transfer.