Aldo vs Mendes at UFC 142
Jose Aldo will have to defend his Featherweight title once again, this time against Chad Mendes, who is ready to fight Aldo at UFC 142, an event that will be held at a Brazilian city yet to be confirmed. Aldo has been the champ for 2 years in a row and has defended his title a total of four times, and now he will be facing a man that represents an interesting threat to him, as Mendes is currently undefeated with a record of 11-0, but the 26 year old native of California has never fought a 5 round championship match before, which is why he will need to try to keep the pace with the champion if he really wants to have a chance against him.

Chargers lost to Chiefs
It is clear that the Chargers should be a better team than the Chiefs, as Kansas City has lost 4 of their top players, but game results is what a team is measured against, and San Diego is really not having a good time this season, and proof of that is their overtime loss to the Chiefs by 23-20 at Monday Night Football. When Norv Turner took the Chargers a while back, this was considered an elite squad, but now they are mediocre, and really need to find a way to get out of the bad situation they are currently in.

NBA lockout: Fisher just wants to play
Some people are sending comments questioning the loyalty Derek Fisher has for the union and the players, as the freelancing president has been pushing a 50-50 split of revenues, while others involved in the negotiations are stating that the players should not accept less than a 52-48 split in their favor, but the truth is that Fisher is probably just tired of the lockout, and, like the rest of the players, only want to get a final deal so fans can finally start watching some NBA action, and in that, we have to agree with him.

McCourt ready to sell
Sources close to the Dodgers had been blaming Frank McCourt for the plummeting in game attendance from last season and the overall bad situation of the team (including a bankruptcy dispute with the MLB), but even so, McCourt was insisting about maintaining ownership of the franchise, though now it seems like he has changed his mind and is willing to sell for a figure that is close to $1 billion dollars.

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