Alcoholism sneaks up on many people. That’s why there’s so much denial. It’s a slow road to getting to the point of finally admitting one is an alcoholic. And what exactly determines whether one is an alcoholic and under its control?

3 Questions To Determine If You’re An Alcoholic

Can you stop drinking right now and not drink any more?
Do you hide your drinking and keep it a secret?
Do you drink instead of taking responsibility for your life?

7 Things You Can Do To Take The Fast Road Out of Alcoholism

1. You can’t do anything to stop drinking until you admit it’s a problem. I’m not saying you have to admit it to others. Admitting it to yourself is sufficient to get you started on the road out of alcoholism.

2. Write down on paper why you think you drink. Don’t write down your excuses (examples: “all my friends drink and I want to fit in;” “I enjoy having a drink every night;” “I’m not harming anybody else;” etc.). Look at any emotional issues that rise up that lead you to drink. One you might not have thought about is the lack of purpose in your life (life is boring). Writing them down on paper brings clarity.

3. What is your motivation to quit drinking? Write down all the negative things you’re avoiding by drinking. Write down all the negative consequences of drinking. Now, write down all the positive things in life you would like to do if you weren’t tied to this habit of drinking. You see, it’s not a matter of “will power,” but of having a strong enough positive motivation to pull you out of your drinking habit and into working on your awesome future.

4. Are there relationships that need mending? Restored? Forgiving those who hurt you? Asking those you hurt to forgive you? Write down answers to these questions, and the date you will sit down and talk with that person to begin the restoration process.

5. Do you need to change the people you hang around with? If you weren’t hanging around other people who drink, what can you be doing to work on your awesome dream for your life? Can you find a place to volunteer doing what you’re passionate about? This is a great way to make new, healthy friendships.

6. How’s your “love” level? I’m not talking sexual, but do you have someone who loves you unconditionally? And do you have someone you love unconditionally? Do you know that God loves you unconditionally? No matter what you have done in the past, He is ready, willing and able to forgive you. Nothing you have done or can do will cause God to love you any less than He does right now.

7. What are your dreams for your life? What’s your life-long vision? Who do you want to become or what do you want to do? Is it time to take those dreams off the shelf and start working on them? This is your ticket to the fast road out of alcoholism. Instead of focusing on “not” drinking, you focus on working the goals that help you accomplish your awesome dream for your life.

One last aspect is how to handle your temptation to drink while you’re going through this time of change. Even if you don’t know what the underlying emotional issues are, I can provide you with a simple technique that will stop your anxieties in a matter of minutes.

If you’d like to hear more about this simple technique as well as other immediate action steps you can take, you can download a free mp3 “8 Immediate Action Steps To Take!” Just go to my website to learn this simple technique, it’s item two of the action steps.