Alcoholics – you’ve heard people say that you have to reach bottom before you can change your life. Well, that’s not true. You can begin to change today. But the real questions is – what are you going to change?

You see, there’s more going on in your life that’s causing you to drink than what you’re probably aware of. Yes, you may have a feeling that you’re drinking to escape certain things. But do you know what those things are? I mean very specifically? Not just feelings of hopelessness, anger, hurt, loneliness, lack of fulfillment, etc.

Do you know why you drink? Besides the fact that it makes you feel good. You may even deny that you’ve got a drinking problem. That’s okay. I don’t care. But I do care that you desire to have a better life than what you’re living now. That’s what I want to talk about.

You see, being tired of your life – knowing what you “don’t want” in your life – is different than knowing what you “do want” in your life. Deep down inside, you know there’s got to be more to life than what you’re living.

So, what do you want to do with your life? You may be tired of all the drinking you do. But what would you rather be doing? At one point in your life did you have dreams for a bright future? I mean an awesome future? What were they? Is it time to take your dreams off the shelf and start working on them?

You might be thinking that you can’t work on your dreams because you’re stuck in your lifestyle of drinking ... or a lifestyle of running from your emotions. You might think you’ve got to get your act together before you can look at your dreams again.

Actually, I’ve got good news for you. If you start working on your dreams, you’ll find the missing pieces to the puzzle of your life. You’ll find a new emotional drive to get you up in the morning. You’ll find a new zeal for life. You’ll eventually discover that you’d rather work on achieving your dreams, than drinking.

When you change your focus away from “trying to stop drinking” and turn your focus on building an awesome future, using whatever you are passionate about in life, your entire life changes. And it changes for good! You don’t ever have to go back to drinking.

As part of the process of working in your dreams, you’ll begin to deal with the other issues in your life that seem to drain you. Things like relationships. You know, people can learn how to develop healthy, loving relationships. It’s all a matter of having the right tools and being taught how to use them. Tools like ... understanding there are five types of love languages. This is a major breakthrough in every single relationship. Once you understand this, piles of pent up emotional hurt gets relieved. And you’re free to pursue deepening relationships to the point that you’ve always wanted.

And I’ve also got a little known technique to help you deal with anxieties when they pop up. In a matter of minutes you can relieve any tension, fears, anxieties or whatever you may be angry about. And when those are gone, your desire to drink is not “in your face” all the time.

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