Often when potential students contact me looking for an alcohol awareness class, they aren’t sure the length of course they should enroll in. Our alcohol awareness classes, for example, come in 8 hour, 16 hour and 24 hour lengths. These are also called our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 classes.

How to choose the right class

If you are a client who is coming because of a mandated hour or session alcohol class requirement… let’s say from your employer or from a judge, then you should find out from them what the requirement is. That makes your option very simple.

But if you are taking an alcohol awareness class that has no specific length requirement or taking the class for a personal reason, then hopefully I can help you select the perfect alcohol class length.

At the very least you should look at a course which is eight hours in length This is the shortest class that will really give you a good comprehension of the issues surrounding alcohol and it’s impact on you, your friends and relatives and society as a whole. A course like this can really discuss all the important topics such as:

  • Problems and patterns of alcohol abuse
  • Understanding how alcohol works
  • understanding how specific drugs work
  • Legal and illegal drugs
  • Impact of DWI on you and your community
  • Ideas for how to end dependence
  • And many more

Once you begin your study of alcohol awareness, you’ll find out there’s a lot more to it than just learning about the basics of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). So an eight hour class will give you a pretty good look of all the topics. On the other hand it’s mainly a survey of these subjects and won’t give you the full in-depth look that the longer classes will.

Sixteen Hour Class – Getting Deeper

With the Sixteen hour class you really jump up in the depth of the subject matter. There’s not more topics, but a deeper study at each subject In addition there are a lot more examples and case studies. You might find this class to be easier because the examples and stories make the study a lot more relaxing. Instead of having to learn subject later subject in the 8 hour format, you can see lots of different examples of each subject matter. For example in our sixteen hour class, we have more in person interviews with the victims of DWIs so you can really learn more about the personal effect drunk driving has on the community.

24 Hour Class

The 24 hour alcohol awareness class goes even further than the 16 hour class. Like the 16 hour class compared to the eight hour alcohol class there are more vignettes, more diagrams and more in-depth understanding of the topics Taking this Level 3 alcohol class means you will really complete the class with a thorough understanding of the topics. Sure it’s a greater commitment, but of you’ve had a serious problem with drinking or maybe have had a continued problem then this could be the ideal class for you.

Still Undecided?

If you are undecided as to which course to take, we recommend contacting Online Alcohol Class for a free evaluation.

Author's Bio: 

Mike Miller is the Education Director at Online Alcohol Class, a website specializing on alcohol awareness classes and minor in possession classes. You can visit his site at http://onlinealcoholclass.com