Alcoholic beverage is one of the most popular substances that people drink whenever they socialize with their friends, love ones and even with strangers. Despite having neurological effects, many people continue to drink alcohol without even considering their tolerance level. As a direct result, a lot of individuals live a life that is greatly influenced by substance dependence. Fortunately, people who seek for alcohol treatment may now enrol in substance abuse programs which could possibly lead them to a better and healthier life.

Alcohol addiction program is generally not a new concept. If you look closely around your surroundings, you will immediately notice the presence of many alcohol treatment centers with each of them offering various methods of treatment. Alcohol rehab is not a simple walk in the park. It involves an intricate process of therapy and counselling which usually takes months or even years to finish. While undergoing detox, the patient will suffer from withdrawal symptoms which are a direct result of substance deprivation when suffering from alcoholism.

Here are the most common symptoms:

During the first 12 hours of detox, the patient may encounter several symptoms such as convulsions and high fever. The patient will also develop a strange feeling of anxiety and restlessness. Because he/she is deprived of the very substance that makes him/her feel better, his/her body will start craving for that substance and will act abnormally when the craving is not satisfied immediately. In dangerous cases, a patient may develop depression which could potentially be harmful to him/her. Regular monitoring and vigilance is important in order to ensure the full safety and health of the patient.

During detox, the body is rid of all the toxins that contributed to alcohol addiction. The patient will experience various physical changes in the body such as loss of appetite, weight loss, increased blood pressure and paleness of the skin. He/she may also suffer from stress and fatigue which further weakens the body. A balanced diet is very important as it will help satisfy the daily nutritional requirement of the patient. The patient will also need to get adequate rest. If there is difficulty in sleeping, an attending physician can administer sleeping pills provided that it will not cause any harm to the patient. In some cases, Thiamine is administered to the patient in order to provide a nutritional boost to the individual.

It is very important to know that withdrawal symptoms may vary from person to person. There is no general timetable for detox as it can be only be decided on a case to case basis. The duration of alcohol usage may also be significant factor in the degree of symptoms that a person may encounter. Heavy drinkers tend to suffer from life-threatening symptoms while moderate drinkers get the milder ones. The only certain thing is that all individuals who undergo an alcohol addiction program will have to deal with these symptoms in order to achieve healing and recovery. By getting the help of a certified alcohol detox center, you can eliminate the problem of alcohol addiction, slowly but surely.

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