Albania is one of those corners of Old Europe that still remains to be discovered for the traveler who has already trotted across half a continent and is looking for places where the charm is preserved. It is the land of smiles, kindness and religious tolerance. The natural spaces of Albania offer activities for tourism, with trekking, rafting, mountaineering, caving and ornithology. More than a third of the country's surface is covered with forests and natural spaces. The flora and fauna is very rich (lynx, bear, wolf, mountain goat, chamois), taking into account its small size, and it has been quite preserved. Albania is a mountainous and abrupt country, with multiple microclimates and highly diverse natural spaces. The coast is cut into bays, coves and nooks a stone's throw from the mountains. The climate is Mediterranean on the coast and becomes continental in the interior.

Tourism in Albania is growing thanks to a commitment to sustainability, nature and history, and has places of excellent beauty. The mountains reach 2700 meters high, with hard and sometimes impassable reliefs still little known by hikers and mountaineers, making Albania a paradise for trekking lovers. Among the attractions still unknown in Europe we can highlight its history, culture and heritage; nature still unknown; its beaches and coastline; gastronomy and folklore, that is to say a very rich and diverse panorama, as in all the Balkans.

There are two main reasons for tourism:

1. Its natural wonders: the most brutal thing in this country are its mountains, lakes, waterfalls, valleys and a long etcetera. You barely saw a thousandth of what you can do in Albania when we talk about nature.
2. Its gastronomy: delicious and very cheap. You can eat in restaurants with spectacular views for ridiculous prices.

Coast and Beaches in Albania

It is not well known, but Albania's beaches rival those of its neighboring Croatia, Italy or Greece. Spaces for relaxation abound that are not yet well known or exploited. The fusion of the Ionian and Adriatic seas gives the beaches a special character.

The most popular in Albania is Durres beach, which already has a certain hotel structure. The Albanian Riviera is the region between Vlora and Saranda, beautiful and still quite preserved, with its steep and steep coast. The small town of Dhermi is worth the visit too.

Culture and Gastronomy
The mixture of people that characterizes the world is crystallized in the Balkans in a special way. Sometimes, too many, human slander has taken advantage of these differences to provoke evil. Today Albania begins to take advantage of its variety to attract tourists and travelers.

Balkan gastronomy fuses various influences that will dazzle us. Central European flavors join Mediterranean, African and Oriental flavors in dishes that will surprise us.

Special Albanian wine is little known but is in the process of revaluation. Try both the whites and the reds, for example the Sheshi i Zi, the Kallmet or the Vlosh of Narta.

Music and Folklore
Demonstrations are everywhere, at parties, at social events like weddings, in traditional costumes. And all with a profusion as great as the mixture of colors and influences (Turkish, Greek, Yugoslavian, Central European) a melting pot that in Albania has declined in a similar but different way to that of other countries in the region.

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