In a previous article I discussed the consequence of another earthquake in Alaska, such as occurred in 1964. This article will deal with a more frightening scenario—Pole Shift.

In this hypotheses, it is summarized by several factors leading to a shifting in the poles. However; there is considerable speculation as to what might actually occur in this event.

Generally there are two distinct types of pole shifts that could occur:

The geophysical pole shift scenario; whereupon the north and south poles change relative position, and the geomagnetic pole shift—a scenario that has the inner (magnetic core) of the earth shifting due to some outside interference.

The geophysical pole shift scenario; whereupon the north and south poles change relative position, and the geomagnetic pole shift—a scenario that has the inner (magnetic core) of the earth shifting due to some outside interference.

Geophysical Pole Shifting was the basis for the blockbuster movie 2012; In the movie, the earth’s physical poles shifted due to an interaction with a rogue planet passing through our solar system. This scenario is embraced by many ardent followers of the Planet-X scenario. Among the followers are the Zeta’s. An internet based survival group that been on the scene for twenty or more years.
In their Troubled Times forum, Anchorage Alaska is described as;

“Anchorage is dealt several blows during the shift, as it lies along a coastline, is near a chain of volcanoes, and borders the Pacific where subduction of plates will occur. During the week of rotation stoppage, the water normally pooled at the equator due to the effect of rotation will drift toward the poles, equalizing. Thus, the tides will be higher. At the shift, the volcanoes to the west will explode spewing ash over the nearby vicinity, which will become upwind to Anchorage to some degree due to the prevailing westerly winds which will still pull the ash toward Anchorage. Sloshing water, already higher than normal along the coast, will rise to the tops of the buildings in the city. After the shift, however, the ocean fishing, and the familiarity of the people with this activity, should prove a good lifestyle. Survivors will need to become accustomed to a very warmer climate, as the new Anchorage will be close to the new equator. “

“Alaska will fare well during the coming geological changes for a number of reasons. Where it is now in a cold climate, it will move to a very temperate location. The volcanic eruptions anticipated where Alaska's active volcanoes now exist should blow out across the water, not inland, under the influence of the new prevailing westerly winds, so the land should be spared. And since it is scarcely populated, there will not be the problem of masses of starving humans to contend with, which can create destructive riots. In selecting locations in Alaska, one should consider the possibility of tidal waves along the coast, but the key consideration should be the volcanoes, which are already active, and which will increase their activity to the point of exploding during the pole shift.

The Alaskan Pipeline will inevitably be fractures along its course during the pole shift and will thus drain dry. What oil does not soak into the ground will be lit and burned during the lightning storms that occur during the pole shift, a burning that might start at only one place but will spark burning along the entire course. Oil that does not drain out of the pipeline will burn at the ends, creating a torch that may burn for months.”

The effects of a geophysical pole shift would include the following catastrophes:
· Mega-Earthquakes
· Tsunamis
· Large scale Volcanic eruptions
· Cyclonic winds
· Massive Inland flooding
· Meteor showers
· Wild fires
· Tectonic Plate shift
· Ocean sloshing
· Geophysical position change

This particular scenario is horrific in itself. The basis for this hypotheses has been argued by several learned scholars, and the potentialities discussed over the years by think tanks and various government agencies. While none have publically announced that this scenario is credible, none have denounced it either.

Currently there are reams of pages that point to the likelihood of this scenario occurring in the early part of December 2012. Chief among them are the ancient Mayans predictions, Edward Cayce, Jean Dixon, Nostradamus, and others who have published prophecies regarding this. Additionally the Holy Bible also predicts a similar fate—though no exact date is given therein.

If a number of volcanoes were to erupt either at the same time, or in sequence throughout the course of a week; the result would lead to a “Nuclear Winter” scenario. The introduction of massive ash clouds into the upper atmosphere would block out the sunlight, and temperatures would drop significantly. A sudden drop in temperatures would thereby have cataclysmic effects on the entire globe.

In a geomagnetic pole shit, the magnetic poles would change polarity, and many scientists feel that this scenario is more plausible, and more likely to occur. Experts believe that the present magnetic field changes are a prelude to such a pole shift scenario.

One cannot also discount the recognized association between earthquakes and the movement of the planets. Tidal like effects drive the oceans tides, and is thought to also affect wildlife, as well as human moods and behaviors.

The Dark Rift is the galactic alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. This Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar. Many people strongly believe that the galactic alignment will signal the end of the world scenarios.

No matter what anyone believes, the fact is that we are witnessing first hand a rapid and progressive change in our world. Winter storms have been more severe than before, flooding has plagued many of the Midwest states, while drought has affected others.

Marine sea life have mysteriously beached themselves on the shorelines of our coasts, baffling the scientific community. Black silt that is normally found on the ocean floor, has turned up in the Gulf of Mexico, and nobody can explain how it got there, or even why. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity has increased dramatically over the last few years.

All of these occurrences correspond to the fact that planet earth is presently undergoing severe changes. The future outcome is as of yet unpredictable, but many people around the world are convinced that in 2012 mankind will undergo a catastrophic event that will rapidly change our planet, and perhaps erase a large percentage of the human population.

Historically it has been proven that our ancestors endured a similar fate during their time on this small planet. Considering the fact that most of the deserts around the world were once lush tropical continents, and the unmitigated fact that fossilized fish have been found in our southern deserts, and also in the Hindu Kusch mountains—would substantiate that earth’s history is filled with pole shift theories.

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Franke Schein is a published writer, and well traveled adventurer with a street level perspective of life within the cosmic wilderness called America