The life-cycle of a network-marketing business primarily relies on its distributors, according to Alan Neil Kippax. The products they sell are secondary. Why is this a common point of view for successful network marketers? The answer is simple. Products cannot sell themselves.

At Homerun International or HRI, prospecting is a vital ingredient. Alan Kippax believes that by improving the lives of his distributors, their prospecting efforts will be much easier if they have good products to stand behind. He also believes that word of mouth advertising is a great strategy or drawing interest from friends and family.

Alan Neil Kippax Guidelines for gathering more prospects

Since recruiting should be the main concern of network marketers, Alan Neil Kippax wants to offer the following guidelines:

1. Do not be obsessed with the outcome.

According to Alan Kippax, it is important to recruit but do not stress out if some people say no. Instead of thinking you are failing as a recruiter, you can view their reluctance as nothing more than wanting time to consider the possibilities. Give them the time they need. They will remember you should they reach the point they want to move forward.

2. Determine the expectations of your potential

Talk to your potential recruits and ask them what they expect from the company and business. If they are aiming for a certain amount of money in a certain time, help them see how it’s either an achievable goal or maybe an expectation that needs some adjusting.

3. Evaluate the past performance of your potential

If your potential recruits came from other network marketing companies, it’s fair to ask about past performances. Based on their replies, you can move in with suggestions on how they may be able to improve and succeed moving forward.

4. Invest your time wisely, focusing on people with
positive views.

Some people simply live under a negative cloud. While recruiting, you want to be careful to not spend too much time trying to recruit people who may not ever be able to see the light. Spending too much time trying to convert a negative person may cost you time looking for better prospects. Use your judgment here wisely.

5. Better to inspire your downline than manage them.

According to Alan Neil Kippax, your priority is to recruit as many people as you can. To do this, you need to build a downline of Distributors who are just as capable of recruiting as you are. You don’t want to be wasting your time helping them recruit, ignoring your own recruiting in the process.

6. Warm prospecting is better than cold prospecting.

If you are going to sell something to someone that is a complete stranger to you, chances are you will have a difficult time. It is generally easier to tap your circle: these are the people you have already established at least a sort of warm relationships, such as friends and acquaintances in the past. The hard, cold sell hardly ever works. Instead, your chances of success will be enhanced if you take the time to build relationships. Make friends and be helpful to everyone.

Lastly, Alan Neil Kippax stresses the point that networking marketing is not all about selling products, but also about building a network of people. This network of people will ultimately become the core of the company. Moreover, it takes innovative network marketers to bring meaningful products to the people. A company’s roster of network marketers will always serve as the face of the organization. The organization, HRI, will succeed when led by distributors who know how to take great products with fair prices and sell them to people who want and need those products. More important, the company’s success will be dictated by distributors who know how to identify other prospects who can also become great distributors.

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