If you decide to enter the network marketing world, you will find yourself searching for a sales strategy that will make you successful well into the future. It is possible you can get inspiration from Homerun International, known as HRI and the Alan Kippax 2018 multi-level marketing business venture. Based on his experiences, Alan Kippax can help you achieve your goals and find the best strategy for your business.

The Three-Foot Rule

In the multi-marketing business, salespeople frequently employ the three-foot rule. They use this technique to initiate a conversation with strangers who are within three feet of them. It all starts with a simple hello or a nice compliment about the person’s appearance or a radiant smile. Hopefully, this will give you an opportunity to invite them to a business talk over a cup of coffee. An opportunity where you can give them an overview of your network marketing business. However, this rule may only be applicable to people with outgoing personalities like Alan Kippax. The introverted marketers may find it difficult to try this method. Nonetheless, you can always try other ways of approach.

Find Your Ice-Breaker

This is easy to do if you are going to talk to a friend or someone you already know. However, what if the person is a stranger? Many will surely find this situation too difficult to make an icebreaker. A question of ‘how is the weather?’ and ‘how is your day?’ will never be enough to get rid of the awkward silence. One technique you can try would be to ask about their interests. This might include questions about hobbies, work, their family or something as simple where they were born and raised. Ultimately, you want to use this opportunity to show an interest in the individual’s life, creating meaningful dialogue.

This is how you break the ice as part of the Alan Kippax 2018 methodology. Once the conversation gets started, they will eventually inquire about you and your life. This is where you will find an opportunity to shift the conversation and begin talking about the HRI business opportunity. This is also where you will get the opportunity to tie together the individual’s life and how the business can help them achieve their personal goals.

Standout from the Crowd: Alan Kippax 2018 Style

Alan Kippax is a genius marketer who is observant and innovative in the way he approaches his marketing methodologies. He has been able to use these characteristics to differentiate himself from other marketers. In the beginning, he was just another distributor caught in an MLM business where the products were over-priced and inferior in quality. He quit, but not before he used the opportunity to learn about the time leverage system. This system teaches people how a 100-pound person can lift a 300-pound person on a seesaw without adding or subtracting any weight. By the way, the secret is to have the 300-pound person move closer to the middle.

The Most Important… Know Your People!

When entering the network marketing business, you need to learn about people and personalities. If you want someone to join you in the business venture, you need to find that part of their life that you can use to convince them you have an opportunity that will make their life better now and in the future. Remember, these Alan Kippax 2018 sales strategies are designed to help achieve your dreams and be a successful person in the future.

Ultimately, do not be afraid to use your wits and take risks!

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