Alan Kippax 2018 is an established name in network marketing, for several years now. Thus, he is a top figure in the industry. Alan Kippax has mastered the recruiting and list building over the years of experience. Due to his expertise, Homerun International grew exponentially and is now operating globally.

To gain success in network marketing, list building and recruitment is imperative. Do not be disheartened if you do not have this skill set. This skill set can be developed through experience, determination, and hard work. Follow Alan Kippax 2018 as he leads you into the art of fishing men and taking them to glory with you.

How to Start?

Getting into this business is not a magic. There is no shortcut to success. However, there are best practices that can be learned in order to pace into the line of success. The first step is to listen. Listening to the people who are already in the business is the first key in learning. Alan Kippax started the business by listening and learning. He started when his father took him at one of the presentations at the Howard Johnson’s Hotel. It was at Wellington Road in London in the year 1994. Listening to the presentation by the Fortune in Motion (FIM) his mind opened up to the possibilities and potentials of the business. From then on, he became determined to learn about how this system works. He decided on spending time listening to the mentors. Learning from the experts is the first key step in building a network.

Alan Kippax 2018: Make a List

After learning about the business of networking from your mentors, you are now ready to launch your own. You can start by making your own list. This list would constitute the people that are within your reach and those that you already know. They can be your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, classmates, and other acquaintances. Making a list does not cost anything. You need not find someone that is technically capable. Just like you, they can also learn as you guide them through. By talking to them, the spreading of the word about your business venture would be faster and easier.

Connect to People Using Technology

Using digital technology can help enhance your list building. Go through your list and connect to these people. You can do so by talking to them in person, calling them by phone, or connecting through social media. You can use Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, WeChat, Skype, Viber, and many more. You can connect to all your social media friends and share the excellent opportunity offered by Alan Kippax 2018. Make a post about a certain excellent opportunity and tell the people to ask you how it is done. You can make connections instantly through your post, as your friends would be asking you about it.

Expand Your List Daily

Expand your list from time to time. Do not rely on the finite number of people you know. Tell your friends to share the opportunity and make friends with your friend’s friends. Join as many groups as possible to gain new acquaintances. There is no limit to getting people informed about the business opportunity with Alan Kippax. Explore your horizons. Make regular posts in your social media. Post about your progress in the business and what you have achieved so far. In this way, people will ask you how you did it. You have nothing to lose in doing business with Alan Kippax 2018. Instead, you have a lot to gain such as personal development, financial stability, and a network of friends.

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