Curious about network marketing closing techniques that may help you improve your growing business? You might want to consider the following Alan Kippax 2016 ideas. These ideas will teach you how to close a sale while retaining the possibility your customer will come back for more.

Reflect on the conversation

When talking with your customer, you want to pay attention to the details of the conversation. When the opportunity arises, you will want to shift the conversation towards the business. Every salesperson tends to have a style they use to secure a deal. You may try inserting your humor or remain your professional demeanor when you are already trying to discuss your business. With that said, you still want to let the conversation be your guide as to how to get the deal moving. Alan Kippax, the founder of Homerun International (HRI), relying on his experiences has some techniques to share.

Remember the TTI Rule

Through the years, Alan Kippax has relied on the most important rule at Treasure Traders International: ‘Say Nothing, Say Nothing, and Say Nothing. What part of Say Nothing don’t you understand?’ This rule is employed to keep Distributors from saying something that might chase a customer away before they see the opportunity. Any type of misunderstanding will only serve to confuse the customer and raise doubts about the business. It is best to say nothing and let the opportunity sell itself.

Read Between the Lines: One of the Best Network Marketing Closing Techniques

Every person thinks and reacts differently. Therefore, you must be careful not to jump to any conclusions. Consider this: a serious face does not always mean the prospect does not like what is being presented. It might be they are simply considering their options. The point is things might not be as they seem. Using the Alan Kippax 2016 network marketing closing techniques, you want to make sure you understand your prospects. Additionally, you want to understand what they might be thinking. From there, you might be able to anticipate their thoughts and concerns before they arise. The goal is to appease your prospect and get them to the information tunnel. Eventually, the information tunnel will do your talking for you.

Reject the Rejection: Alan Kippax 2016 Style

What if they finally say the awful word ‘no’? Do not worry; you can still turn it around. You just need to stay calm and let the conversation continue to flow. Your goal is still to get them to the information tunnel. Saying anything unnecessary could kill the deal. You can show concern for their concerns but stay focused on how the deal will change their future.

Resume the business

No matter what happens, you want to massage the customer until you get the answer you want. If they need time, give them time, but do not leave them hanging or they might lose their interest and go away forever. Alan Kippax did not give up on his network marketing business. He has always been relentless. Like him, you want to keep moving forward with your MLM business.

If it helps, you can remember these techniques as the 5-Rs. Keep them close in your mind because one of these Alan Kippax 2016 network marketing closing techniques might bring you great success in the future.

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