Like her father and grandfather before her, marine
Heather Campion fears little. She has seen much already
in her 30 years, having survived active combat in the
Persian Gulf; however, as she always reminds herself, she
did not experience the horrors that her father did in
Vietnam or that which her grandfather did in World War
II. Wherever she defends the American flag, she does so
especially in their honor.

While they are proud of her fierce commitment, her father
in particular had advised her against joining what has long
been known as most “dynamic” force in the American
nine years old, her father played an even more active role in
his only child’s life. Heather honestly does not remember
wanting to be anything but a marine.

Whether she’s in the trenches, underwater, or high in the
skies, Heather keeps the marine corps’ motto at the forefront
of her mind: “honor, courage, and commitment.” She
knows that she must, like all marines, function as a member
of a team so that they can achieve success together.

When she’s not in combat or training new recruits, she
serves in the combat service support (CSS), a critical division
of the marine corps, as those in CSS can be mobilized
at any moment. Heather easily spends 12-hour days with
CSS, but she always takes time to work out, at an average
of two hours a day, to keep her tall, muscular frame in
shape. She likes her job and wants to stay fit for it—she
never knows when she may be called into combat to
defend American lives, land, and liberty.

Today she’s at an undisclosed location, serving in the military occupational
specialty designations for CSS, where she supervises construction
and utilities. As a combat engineer, she ensures
that bases, camps, and installations have what they need
to thoroughly achieve their missions.

This valor, resilience, and loyalty is precisely what makes Heather
and all the other marines worthwhile persons in more
ways than a million!

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Author Simeon W. Johnson is a successful entrepreneur with an online book and gift boutique ( & Johnson is a former electronics technician and has also worked as a housing inspector. His experience as an "average working Joe" makes him uniquely qualified to share these stories. You're A Worthwhile Person in More Ways Than a Million is available at more than 800 Barnes & Noble bookstores. Other titles by Johnson include: A Myopic Life Resonated from the Brink of the Abyss, ROMW vs. RAMB Reveals God, Adam and Creation, and Unforgettable Tribute to Our Heroes and Victims of 9/11.