In recent sports updates and sports news the partnership if Aisam-ul-Haq and Rohan Bopanna is documented in numerous sports journals and broadcasted at large scale on world sports media. The newspapers around the world are praising on Pakistan’s tennis celebrity Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and India’s Rohan Bopanna, hailing them as the real ambassadors of peace for their nations whose agents have adversity conversing to each other. Really these players are furthermore dispatching a political message across borders.

Miles away from their homelands finally peace has been found out in the Indo-Pakistani confrontation on the enclosures of the US Open in Flushing and the men’s doubles semi-final at the US Open captivated an odd two of spectators: ambassadors from Pakistan and India, seated simultaneously, barracking for the identical team, depicted in latest sports updates and sports news.

It was a uncommon brandish of companionship between nations whose agents still have adversity conversing to each other, producing their triumph a twice achievement for the players, one from India, the other from Pakistan who values their increasing good status and fame to crusade for peace.

It’s documented in different sports news that the improbable pairing of an Indian and a Pakistani at the largest grade of tennis has apprehended fantasy round the world and fostered a increasing feeling that their achievement can assist motivate an era of a better comprehending between two atomic countries with a long and bloody annals of acrimony.

Sports a unique way of dialogue:
Now it’s a striking question that if Qureshi-Bopanna can play together happily, why cannot the two nations. This interesting statement has been come out of the Indian sports ministry after Bopanna-Qureshi aggressively defeated Argentine pair Eduardo and Horacio Zaballos in the recent semi-finals.

Obviously it’s the burning need of the overall situation between India and Pakistan as well. In a friendly interview in sports updates, Aisam told media that it was nice to see that Indians and Pakistanis were sitting together and this overall classification was merged into one subcontinent nation. No doubt that is the real beauty of the sports to forget all the conflicts and tensions and before the pairing it has never been witnessed in any sports. It’s good to fight for the peace and harmony.

Amazingly this friendly match was also observed by the UN’s ambassadors from India and Pakistan who sat edge by edge in the stands as well as huge number of Indian and Pakistani crowed living in the metropolis of New York.

Sports can come to locations where no belief or government can. If you can change a couple of people’s minds on the Indian or Pakistan edge, I believe it’s a large thing. Definitely this good report tennis story may assist in shattering the ice and altering attitudes. After the Mumbai attacks and recent invasion In Baluchistan province certain thing like these were likely required to display not every individual from one homeland is out to hurt the other. People are very fervent about games and this gets a very powerful and affirmative note across.

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