Aircanditioner is the first personal beverage insulator and cooling device in the world. It’s the only item, which effectively cools air and spread all over your face. It happens while you are cooling, insulating, and holding your favorite drink. Aircanditioner utilizes cold energy stored internally to cool air properly, and a big Custom Fan blows it on the side of the user at high speed.

What’s it?

It is a personal beverage insulator and cooling device.

If it works

Of course, yes! In comparison to similar items, which use high flow. Aircanditioner measures an output 18MPH. High speed of air offers a cooling effect to the user while holding the unit at your waist naturally. Once set, be ready for cold air blast to your face.

Who is it for?

Aircanditioner is made explicitly for individuals enjoying a drink outside on a hot day and wants to cool off (at BBQ, the beach, or the tailgate).

What Does It Do?

It supports a drink like Koozie, cools both the user and the drink all at once. Human beings possess two hands that hold an item at a time. Airconditioner is a multi-purpose item, which enables you to hold a personal cooling device and a drink with one hand. The other hand is free for holding a phone or food.

How Does It Work?

Ambient hot air moves through the bottom part of the device, and it automatically undergoes a cooling effect as it moves via a Spiral Channel on a Pre-cooled Gel component. The cold air pushes on the side of the user through an outer part located at the upper section of the device.

Electronic Features of Aircanditioner

The item underwent over-engineering for the past three years. The product has a full optimization of the Impeller Blade design and custom circuit board. Additionally, it has a low current motor/high RPM and high custom capacity rechargeable batteries. The fact is this device is the modern generation of personal cooling products. It has a Koozie shape, which makes sure you good while cooling it off. Once charged Aircanditioner would continue to run for more than three and a half hours on High and more than five hours on Low. It has a custom circuit board, 2000mAh battery, powerful DC motor, off/on switch, and micro-USB charging port.

The Story of Aircanditioner

The device is a creation of longtime friends Tim Downing and Mike Torilli. At the time when Mike was playing with a mechanism inflation Centrifugal Blower. He discovered a koozie concept, which would ensure you stay cool on a hot day. A device with multi-purpose, practical functions. Drink insulation/holding, personal active beverage cooling & personal cooling. Mike shared this idea with Tim and right away the prototype in place within a short period. Soon they realized that the design needed some form of implementation. Immediately they crafted a procedure to productize it. Tim and Mike refined, tore down, tested, and built uncountable prototypes. Eventually, they partnered with manufacturing and development company Platform88 that concentrate on High Volume Design for scale production. 

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