The United State Environmental Protection Agency reports that levels of air pollution indoors is very high and can be as high as 100 times more than that of outdoor air pollution. This is the reason that many home and business owners are looking toward air purifiers. Air purifiers are electronic devices that are designed to eliminate the indoor pollutants that are dangerous to those inside such as cigarette smoke, dander, pollen, and capture dust.

For individuals that suffer from sensitivities to air pollutants such as allergies and asthma, air purifiers are especially important, as the purifiers are used to reduce airborne allergens and improve overall air quality.

Air purifiers are designed to operate 24 hours a day and are an exceptional part of an optimal health care plan that benefits each individual in the home or office. Air purifiers also reduce mold in a home or business, however, the
Air purifiers can be purchased in a variety of styles and sizes. Airpura is one brand of air purifier that is available on the market and one that is of exceptional quality.

Airpura Air Purifiers

Airpura air purifiers are considered top quality air purifiers. The purifiers are a combination of HEPA filtration at medical grade standards and activated carbon to deliver exceptional overall air purification for the office home, hospital or clinic. The purifiers are designed with a vacuum friendly pre filter trap that collects large contaminants such as dust and pet hair. Airborne particles are removed by the HEPA filter including particles that are responsible for allergies, gaseous contaminants are removed by the activated carbon filter.

Airpura offers several models to the consumer at affordable prices which include:

* Airpura C600 - Airborne Chemicals
* Airpura I-600 - Isolation and Healthcare
* Airpura H600 - Allergies and Asthma
* Airpura T600 - Tobacco Smoke
* Airpura P600 - Photocatalytic Oxidation
* Airpura UV 600 - UV for Microorganisms
* Airpura V600 - VOCs / Chemicals
* Airpura R600 - All Purpose

Air purifiers are important in every indoor environment- the home, schools, offices, hair salons, fire and water damage restoration, and locker rooms and gyms.
It is essential for the health of individuals that they are not uninformed when it comes to indoor pollutants. For some, if the air appears clear and odor free, they assume they are in a healthy environment.

Having the proper knowledge and the proper tools to help to improve and eliminate indoor pollutants indoors will help to ensure the health of the individuals living and working within the environment. Air purifiers can be purchased in many different price ranges and are affordable to nearly every budget. For homes with small children who's lungs are developing and growing the purifiers are especially important, just as they are for the elderly, homes with pets, and homes with individuals that suffer from sensitivities, such as asthma.

There are basically three different types of air purifiers. These are the purifiers that use filters, electrical attraction, or ozone to remove the indoor pollutants and / or gases. Each is effective, and each provides specific benefits to the indoor environment, which is eliminating indoor pollutants.

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