One of the more essential considerations for all businesses in the comfort, health and wellbeing of employees. Working conditions can become uncomfortable when the office or factory spaces become busy with people, machines and electronics, so we know that air conditioning should be high on the list of priorities.

However, it can be a consideration that gets neglected. Quite often, once an air-con unit is fitted, it is forgotten about. But when an air-con unit is used frequently and not maintained properly, its parts can become overworked and dirty, making the unit close to useless.

But what do you need to take into consideration to ensure you’re getting the best out of your air-con?

Well firstly, if you already have air-con units in place, when was the last time you upgraded? It’s important to be away that older units won’t run as efficiently as they once did. And there’s no point in using the energy and cost it takes to run your air-con if you’re not getting the best out of it.

It could be that you just need to consider replacement of parts, the filter for example, rather than replacing the whole unit. A quick call to a supplier will be able to advise you. Just ensure that you know the make and model, and when it was installed.

Consider the space. Choosing your air-conditioning needs will rely on the spaces you need it for. For example, a small office will likely only need one, high-quality unit, whereas a factory floor may need multiple units.

If you’re looking to replace parts to keep the air-con running efficiently, and you’re doing it on a larger scale, don’t be afraid to look for deals on bulk buys, or speak to an expert about which options would be less costly in the long run.

Considering the space is also a factor when it comes to maintaining your air-con units. Again, with a smaller office, the unit may not be used as frequently, and the air will tend to be less dusty than on a factory floor.

So, cleaning the unit will be less frequent of a routine. However, in more built-up, warmer and dustier places, you will need to keep a regular check on your air-con, ensure the parts are all in working order and clean the units regularly.

Three Things That Will Happen When You Don’t Clean Your Air Con Units

You’ve bought the units you need, you have them professionally installed and they work a dream. Then you forget to get into the habit of cleaning them properly or don’t have the correct cleaning solutions available, and all that effort and cooling air go down the pan.

Cleaning your air-conditioning unit should be as high a priority as making sure you’re drinking water filter is working and not contaminated. After all, we are breathing in that cooling air being produced. To paint a clear picture, here are three things that will happen if you don’t properly clean your air-con:

Your cooling will be much less efficient

When you neglect correct and regular cleaning and maintenance of your air-con, dust and debris will start to build up inside, carried in from the moving air. With the accumulation of this dust, each unit could potentially lose up to 5% of its operating capacity.

That’s not to mention that when the filter becomes clogged like this, the air being pumped out of the unit will become less filtered and less clean. It’s all about habit and knowing the correct way to clean your unit.

Repairs can be costly

Yes, repairs and parts are available on when we need them and can be less costly than replacing an entire unit. But we want to get the most from our unit as we can, and without regular cleaning and maintenance, repairs will be inevitable. Even minor issues that don’t seem like the warrant attention will, in time, lead to more damaging issues.

The worse the damage, the more costly and time-consuming the repair. And, potentially, the longer you go without that much-needed cool air to get you through the day. That being said, repairs and parts that come with age on a well-maintained and clean unit will be a less expensive option than a brand new one. So, take care of your air-con.

You will consume more energy

The more you neglect to clean and maintain your air-con unit, the less efficient it becomes. This will, in turn, lead to you having to crank the power for a pretty poor result.

In order to avoid this, and to potentially decrease your utility cost by 15%, therefore helping you to save money rather than rack up bills, it is essential that you get into a regular habit of properly cleaning and maintaining your air-con.

And it can be as simple as knowing where to get the best cleaning products and the best prices. Look after your unit and it will look after you, and your savings.

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