This past week, some of you may have carried out a few regular, day-to-day activities via mobile phones like ordering food online, booking a cab, and reserving seats for a movie or book a table at a restaurant. Surprisingly, less than a decade ago, almost all of these tasks would have required us to interact with many different people - but today, all these and many more actions can be carried out without any human contact. Such is the impact of enterprise apps and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Gradually, almost all the brands that we interact with on a daily basis are making us communicate with machines and bots for basic functions, grievance redressal, and guidance such as Aloha Technology. Customer service is an essential pillar of all businesses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are making this pillar much more accurate, quick, cost-efficient and far more intelligent than ever before.

Here’s how AI & Machine Learning are transforming Enterprise Customer Services:


It is a fact that infrastructure and IT support for chatbots and AI-enabled services are proving to be extremely cost-effective. Bots essentially replace a human Customer Service representative and this quite evidently proves to be much more lucrative as reactions are immediate and 24*7. 

Moreover, in our fiercely competitive market conditions, the standards of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has elevated formidably. This has raised costs considerably. AI proves to be a viable economic alternative. Third-party services like the ones provided by Aloha Technology will prove to be remunerative by introducing automated, AI-enabled CRM software to your custom enterprise apps.

Prompt Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have essentially augmented the experience of answering customer queries and complaints because a machine can attend to the customers round-the-clock - a feat that is expensive for human employees to carry out. The average time taken by machines as compared to humans is also much shorter. This considerably enhances the quality of customer experience. 

For startups or small businesses, a CRM mechanism enabled with AI and ML can be extremely beneficial. It can successfully regulate customer relationship much more efficiently and for a longer duration than human employees and retain valuable clients through the process.

Quality Service

In this digital age, business owners are vying for the best quality services at the least cost. In business terms, we call this ‘optimization’. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can deliver one of the best data-pools required for functions like automated Customer Service. With innovations being carried out in this field every day, bots are becoming smarter and they are capable of replacing humans in digital communication for rudimentary functions, no matter how complex the requests or queries.

Due to the vast bank of knowledge that a machine possesses, especially in comparison with a human being, it is incomparably more advanced than what humans can provide. This doesn’t mean that humans are replicable. It’s just that rudimentary work can be done with cheaper and more accurate alternatives. Today, it has become a dire necessity for enterprises to step up their game by inculcating technology profitably in processes like CRM.

Challenges…and Solutions

Technology-wise like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at a nascent stage. But for its power to revolutionize a process? The stage is prime to drive business-value for any type or size of business. Companies like Aloha Technology strive to support business operations and processes that are key to helping streamline business workflows and save costs.

In terms of streamlining of costs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning serve as a boon to business owners. The technology is capable of delivering quality services and has a higher potential for efficiency, considering the alternative. In the future, the quality of customer service can only tread the path of increased speed and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



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