It was designed to help restore optimal movement, and function of the muscles, tendons and even the ligaments throughout the body. This is meant to help release nerves and blood vessels that may have become entrapped within the muscles and ligaments. Active release treatment has been used to help rectify numerous different ailments in people of all ages. Headaches have been eliminated, back pain has been relieved, and even carpal tunnel patients have realized a huge reduction in pain.

Shoulder pain is also an ailment that can be treated using the patented active release treatment. Because some soft tissue problems don't always respond to other kinds of therapy and treatment, a Dr. from Colorado by the name of Michael Leahy developed the active release treatment to help patients who had no luck finding relief elsewhere.

As muscles tighten, inflammation can develop which helps to create scar tissue in some people, and sitting tightens the back muscles on a consistent basis. Those who tend to have a job or lifestyle that has them sitting for long periods of time might find this kind of treatment to help scar tissue that can form from the unfriendly posture.

What happens is that the scar tissue adheres to the muscles and joints inside the body, which causes not only pain, but sometimes decreased movement especially when the scar tissue is adhered to the muscles. When scar tissue is adhered to the joints, nerves can get entrapped which can cause additional pain and discomfort. Active release treatment works by actually removing these scar tissue adhesions. A qualified doctor that is certified to perform active release treatment should always be used to ensure that you stay safe and more damage is not incurred.

The treatment itself can sometimes be painful depending on the severity of the condition, but each treatment usually lasts no longer than 15 minutes and in fact, can last as little as five minutes. A doctor uses their hands to locate the affected areas and makes contact with the scar tissue, at which time the patient will move their muscles through a full range of motion to help with the process of releasing the scar tissue from the muscles or joints. The active release treatment may take several sessions before scar tissue is fully removed, but improvement can be evident within the first couple of days after a first session.

It is important to make sure that you are working with a certified professional when undergoing active release treatment. In order to be certified the doctor must undergo several days of instruction followed by written and demonstrated testing that they must pass. As long as certification is verifiable, you should be able to get some relief from your ailments in a safe and practical manner. If you are ever in doubt, just find another practitioner that is willing to work with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you can't find a certified doctor, then let your local chiropractors know that it's in demand.

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