As most homeowners are aware,a draft-prone home is susceptible to higher heating costs.Additionally,relaxing during chilly months can become burdensome when your home is not retaining heat as it should.A study by the U.S. Department of Energy found that 25% of a home’s heat is lost through windows that are either not optimally manufactured or were installed improperly.

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Trusted Maryland-based window installer AGS Windows offers a wider than ever selection of energy efficient windows and related services, helping any homeowner in his quest to go green. A valuable resource offered exclusively from AGS Windows is the energy audit, a specialized service that assesses your home to find the merits and pitfalls of all aspects of its heating and cooling system. John Romm, AGS Windows owner and founder, created the energy audit service to help consumers determine what improvements could help a home save energy and sells only the best windows.“Not only does our energy audit examine window,door,ceiling,wall,and floor efficiency,but we take into account the current heating and cooling system in place in the home,” says Romm.“The results of the inspection are turned over to the customer along with suggestions for improvements and related pricing guidelines. Each consumer can then use this as the first stepping stone in determining what changes to make and how much to spend.”

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Homeowners who take the next step in making suggested improvements have the option of selecting replacement windows and installation directly from AGS with a credit of the price of the audit.Key “go green” products offered by AGS are Enviro Star 800 Windows by Okna and innovative Energy Swing Windows. Romm explains, “These are some of the best windows on the market. All our green window manufacturers offer lifetime warranties to protect against defects or flaws so customers’ investments are fully protected.”Top of the line features and innovations ensure a sound seal to prevent unwanted air traveling between indoors and out in all windows,including all energy efficient windows.

“Now is a great time to make improvements to your home, considering the government is offering a tax credit for window replacements,” Romm says.“Not only that, but the return on your investment will be at least 75% and can reach 100%, depending on how long you stay in your home. New windows will make a difference, but making them green windows takes it a step further.We are convinced the “go green” movement is more than just a trend – it seems to be becoming a part of Americans’ lifestyles in every aspect.”

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