The agoraphobia response is a completely appropriate reaction to threat and forms part of our natural instinct for self-preservation. However, when agoraphobia becomes an intrusive and constant condition, it must be dealt with and eliminated.

Encountering a 'threatening' situation, a sufferer will often take extreme measures to avoid potential 'harm'. While this offers some short-term comfort, over the longer term, it can severely restrict the lives of sufferers and their families.

Agoraphobics are often accompanied by a person they trust and will only travel certain distances from home or to places they trust or know well. At the time, this provides some respite from extreme anxiety for the sufferer but long term it only serves to reinforce the anxiety and agoraphobia.

Avoidance of situations is NOT an effective tool in the fight against agoraphobia. But neither are 'Face your Fear' techniques which are used by many psychologists and psychiatrists. These can actually make your anxiety far worse and can lead to more extreme forms of agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is driven by underlying anxiety and it is this which must be eliminated in order for a sufferer to make a full recovery.

Agoraphobia and social phobia are usually accompanied by other anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks, obsessions or generalized anxiety disorder.

Our agoraphobic and socially phobic clients make full recoveries from their symptoms once they have removed the underlying anxiety which fuels their conditions.

Agoraphobia is in fact any anxiety reaction resulting from a person's geographic location and rarely occurs in places of safety such as at home, for example.

How is agoraphobia caused?
Please understand this: agoraphobia is a symptom of an anxiety disorder. Without anxiety this phobia simply CAN'T exist! So, by eliminating the underlying anxiety disorder, agoraphobia can be eliminated 100%.

Agoraphobia is caused by high anxiety. During the anxiety response ‘Fight or Flight’, ‘risk assessment questions’ are sent out by the mind in order to assess a potential threat in your environment. These ‘what if’ questions are sent out and any potential dangers are detected by our sensory organs – the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin. This data is carried back to the anxiety control center of the brain and IT then makes a decision about whether to release Adrenalin (Flight or Fight Response) or whether to calm down and return the body to normal.

Once a threat is detected outside of the body or, more likely, inside the body, in the form of the symptoms, sensations and thoughts your anxiety produces, the body goes into Flight or Fight mode; Adrenalin is released and the anxiety process is started.

Agoraphobia is caused when you decide that ‘safety seeking behavior’ is the correct response – retreating from ANY potential threat is so much easier than fighting it! As your anxiety escalates in the cycle of PERCEIVED threat and symptoms, the symptoms worsen and your agoraphobia follows suit.
Anxiety, panic, phobias and other anxiety disorder symptoms can be eliminated 100% by addressing the root cause of this reaction directly. The cause of all these conditions is a small organ called The Amygdala which controls the anxiety reaction. It is situated in the brain and is 100% responsible for your high anxiety and agoraphobia.

So, by eliminating this reaction in The Amygdala, anxiety can be reduced quickly and efficiently, permanently eliminating your agoraphobia.

The recovery from agoraphobia can happen in hours or just a few days – I discovered the solution by reverse engineering the solution from data and research carried out over years of suffering. We have now helped over 127,000 sufferers to recover fully.

Charles Linden

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Apart from providing support and counseling to anxiety sufferers through 'The Linden Method', I also work in private practice with anxiety disorder sufferers through The Linden Centers and my team of psychologists and counselors around the world.

My 'Method' took seven years to develop and is now, not only, becoming recognized as THE drug free solution to anxiety disorders by government bodies, but is also receiving referrals from psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, health authorities, insurance companies and other organizations from around the world.

I am also a regular contributor to printed publications such as Natural Health, Women, Women's Own, Pick Me Up,, Top Santé, OK magazine and anxiety disorder websites. I contribute to BBC radio and I am also chairman of the International Association of Anxiety Management.

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