For every true professional paid agony aunt that is working and helping strangers and getting paid for their efforts there must be thousands out there that would like the chance to do it and many of them may well be suitable for this work. Working as an agony aunt though is not as easy as a lot of people think. It is not just a case of listening to a problem and saying something in response. What you say has to make sense, be helpful, tell them things they could not easily hear from people they know, be supportive and tactful.

99% of people who sell such advice are women, it is very rare to get an agony uncle. 99% of people who consult one are women and 95% of the problems they consult people about are to do with love, relationships, lust, sex, men, break ups, how to get a man and similar subjects. It follows then that the best person to do such a job is probably another woman.

However, when you look at the many web sites that offer such a service they are all geared to giving advice. Very few of them seem to accept or care that there are budding workers out there that would like to and could do the work themselves.
There are forums where they are encouraged to post their problems and post answers to other people's problems, but that is more like chatting and it is unpaid, with no real appreciation given to them in any shape or form if their advice is very good and helpful.

The skills need to be a good agony aunt are not as rare as some agony aunts would like you to believe. If you are good with words, fairly articulate, good with people, fair, wise, honest, knowledgeable on lots of different aspects of life, then you could have what it takes. You do not need any qualifications although you can gain those along the way.

If you are keen on becoming an agony aunt, like myself, Beth Shepherd, a leading psychic, then be honest with yourself and ask yourself why? I often get people emailing me and asking me to hire them as an agony aunt, yet when I ask them why I get answers such as " I am stuck at home all day and bored" or "I need lots of money to come in quickly". Neither of which are good reasons for people to pay you for advice. Some people want to become agony aunts because they have a sad, lonely life and they are wishing their own lives were better, so they externalise this by fooling themselves into believing that although they cannot sort out their own life they could be an expert on sorting out other people.

I seek two types of trainee agony aunts and uncles. One type are those who have the natural personality where they are sympathetic towards and care for others, are good at making decisions and solving problems, are good with people and words, the other type are not as suitable but willing to be trained.

If you are interested in this work, especially if you have regular spare time where you can sit at a computer, then I suggest you go to the site and have a good look at what is available now, bearing in mind that when vacancies appear on that page they are not there long. There are no other sites that help with this or offer such jobs.

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