While we are all getting the same basic information on how to age well, individually we are getting drastically different results. Back in the Fall of 2009, this humble correspondent wrote about Montana's Bob Hayes. Bob had recently run the LeGrizz 50 Miler in 10 hours 47 minutes -- at AGE 83! This time placed him 63rd out of 91 extremely fit runners (you don't run 50 miles unless you are in great shape); in other words, he outran 28 significantly (decades) younger runners.

Interestingly, although one might assume that Bob's amazing display of endurance at such an advanced age would universally inspire and inform, not all people see it that way; AND, the differing ways folks react to stories such as Bob's tells us all we need to know about why people are getting such extremely different results as they age.

Some, when they hear Bob Hayes' story, ARE inspired. They see hope for themselves. They want to know what Bob does to stay so fit and vibrant and to have such boundless energy so they can follow his lead. These individuals use his achievements and story as impetus to take the steps that will slow the aging process for them, too.

Others do not take such a positive tack. They get defensive; they get their hackles up and see the Bob Hayeses of the world as making them look bad in comparison. They search for and come up with reasons (excuses?) as to why some others can be extremely fit and vital past age 50 and why they can't. In essence, these people are arguing for their own demise, for their decline.

Some just dismiss Bob Hayes' achievement as an interesting story, but merely an exception to the rule -- just the result of a lucky roll of the genetic dice.

Then there are those who see Bob's story as a great exaggeration or a complete fabrication. They think that we've got our facts wrong or that we're telling a BIG ONE. It doesn't make any sense to them because it doesn't fit with their world view -- their view of REALITY -- and so they dismiss it as unreliable information.

In which group do you reside? The hopeful and inspired? The defensive? The deniers? The real question is: Which reaction to the accounts of the age blasters, such as Bob Hayes, will serve you best?

We are all creatures of habit, which includes habits of thought. Our reactions to what we hear and read are the result of habitual patterns of thinking. By regularly reading and listening to stories of the Bob Hayeses all around us, we can change any self-limiting, self-destructive beliefs (i.e., habits of thought) we may have about what it means to age. Then, and only then, can we be inspired to take the action steps that will give us the energy, vitality and fabulous fitness of a Bob Hayes -- no matter our age.

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